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  • Trivia

    • While filming Little House, Lindsay (who was only about six years old at the time) developed a crush on Gil Gerard, who guest starred on a Season 4 episode. To this day, Lindsay's mother still teases her for it.

    • The only prop that Lindsay still has from Little House is Carrie's beloved rag doll, which is now missing a leg. She still shows it to fans when she makes appearances.

    • Lindsay is an avid kickboxer and enjoys working with children and young adults in the gym. In 2007, she started studying for her personal trainer certification and announced that she wanted to return to college and major in athletics.

    • Lindsay's nicknames on the set of Little House on the Prairie were Sugar Lump and Shot Put.

    • In January 2007, Lindsay announced that she had joined a boxing gym and is considering returning to college to major in athletics and become a personal trainer for cardio, kickboxing, etc.....

    • Lindsay has a daughter named Katlynn, who was born in 1995 and is said to be a big Little House on the Prairie fan.

    • Lindsay auditioned for the role of Dorothy in the film Return to Oz, but they decided to go with Fairuza Balk, who was about four years younger than Lindsay and was more the right age for the role.

  • Quotes

    • Lindsay Greenbush: (about "Little House on the Prairie") It teaches us to support one another, and to be there, and to have compassion, and to care for your fellow neighbor and your family, and working together to survive. Those are key values that are really lacking in society today. Now, with my daughter, we're reading the books together, and I get to share that with her in a whole other aspect, in a whole other way. And I get to pass those values on to her now.

    • Lindsay Greenbush: I wanted to take a break from acting when I was 16. It was an awkward time to find work anyway, and I just never went back.

    • Lindsay Greenbush: (when asked if she would change anything about her character on "Little House") I still watch the episodes. I still see things I wish a could change, and scenes I wish I could do over, because I know I could do them better now. And I wish Carrie could have been more involved with her sisters and everyday family life. They make it look like Carrie wasn't really close with her sisters, and Laura never takes her fishing or riding. I grew up on a ranch till I was seven, and sometimes the only people to play with are your siblings.