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  • Good actress.

    Could have been better.
  • Beautiful

    Lindsay Hartley is definitely a very talented actress. She's been playing an amazing role on Passions and she's been doing a very good job on it as well. She definitely plays the part of my favorite character on the show more on the lines because she's really talented at what she does. The way she acts really brings me into the scenerios she's placed in throughout the soap opera. She really knows how to capture the viewers attention or at least that's what she's done with me. I could tell she knows how to feel what the character is feeling because at the same time I tend to feel it as well as I watch her on screen. Overall this actress is beautiful and I'd like to see her work on other productions especially after Passions ends.
  • Lindsay is an amazing actress and I totally admire her.

    Lindsay has great talent. When her character Theresa needed to be crazy, she was crazy. She spent an entire week in tears and still manages to look amazing in every episode. Passions, granted, probably isnt the best soap out there, but I love it, watch it everyday, and seeing Lindsay only makes it better. I give her two thumbs up. Not to mention she's married to Justin, who is also gorgeous. Their little girl must be adorable.
  • One talented actress

    I first came across Lindsay in the role of Theresa Lopez-Fitgerald, the determined latina on the daytime show "Passions". Since I first started watching the soap, I have become a fan of her acting. Not only does Lindsay do a good job portraying Theresa as a determined young lady, I love the way that she brings a certain level of feistiness to her role, which I think goes hand in hand with that determination of her character. One thing that I find impressive about her is how for her role in the soap, is how it appears that she can cry on demand when the part needs it. With how talented Lindsay is in her acting capabilities, I have a feeling that she'll be around for a while in the industry.
  • Lindsay Is A Great Actress And She Is Very Beautiful

    Lindsay Is By far one of the Most Talented Actresses on T.v. Today. I Am A faithful fan for a long time to come.Best wishes to her and her loving Family.Congrats On the Baby. I hope to see Her doing Some other Things Like Maybe Taking on some movies. She Would Give them a run for the money.