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  • She should be fired from Hollywood

    I am not going to judge her acting, but Lindsay drinks, does drugs, throws tantrums, annoys other actors, and doesn't even take her rehabilitation seriously. It's even stated many actors and directors don't like working with her, so it's amazing she finds work at all. I'm sorry, but Lindsay should leave acting behind if she behaves like that.
  • I miss her

    I hope she gets better,
  • Was a great child actress.

    Hope she does better soon.
  • Really?

    I've heard many people compliment Lindsay Lohan and say what a great actress she is. I don't understand this, I think she's a poor actress who's not even capable of acting. How she has managed to become the successful actress she is is beyond my knowledge.
  • I miss her :c

    I just hate the path she's going down... I hope she gets back on track. I'll keep pray for you Lindsay c:

    She is AMAZINGLY talented.. but she keeps making the wrong choices. I hope she'll learn to shape up and I do believe she is still the sweetheart she once was deep down inside. I hope she gets better, I really do.
  • Lindsay Lohan was born in New York, New York. She has done numerous of movies, Parent Trap, Life-Size, Mean Girls, and Just My Luck.

    I am dissappointed in Lindsay. I used to be a fan of her, but not anymore. I don't understand she could have been a successful actress, in fact, she was. Look at all of her accomplishments. Now she's bisexual, partying, smoking, and probably having sex. I really don't want to know what she currently doing. She is probably losing lots of respect of her fans because she went from an incredible actress to a party-going, cigarette-using, porno-wannabe, Paris-influenced, money- hungry, bisexual, floosy. This is ridiculous if I could, I would find her parents and give them a piece of my mind. They should have been raising her to be a role model and quit doing what they were doing to cause her to become this type of person.
  • Never in my entire life have I ever seen a woman this stupid.

    As much as hate Miley Cyrus,there is another girl who is worse than her who is also a Disney star. And I am not talking about Justin Bieber,I'm talking about Lindsay Lohan. Now,I used to like her in her Disney days. Remember The Parent trap,Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and Herbie:Fully Loaded? Well,she was good in those films. However,in real life right now,she's a filthy,disgusting,idiotic moron who spent all that fame on drugs. I am not kidding. She did drugs. And something that is making me mad right now is the fact that whenever she keeps going out of rehab,she keeps comitting crimes. She keeps doing drugs and even stole a necklace from a store. Here is my answer;SEND HER TO JAIL!!! She is never going to learn her lesson. She will keep doing drugs and committing crimes. She's never going to learn from her mistakes. She's like Paris Hilton right now. They even let her out of jail and she ended up at the MTV VMAs,where she slapped Chelsea Handler,in her behind. Geez,what an idiot. Overall,Lindsay Lohan just sucks right now,and deserves to end up in prison and stay right there.
  • What is wrong with Lindsay Lohan?... she is totally missed up now

    I used to love this actress very very very much and I used to admire her very very very much because I thought that she was a very sweet and funny actress but now I think that she is a stupid alcoholic actress who should just be fired from acting already because she is so missed up like big time. She isn't the same sweet innocent girl that she was in "The Parent Trap". Tell me everyone... where is that innocent little girl? where is she?. She went from an innocent little girl to a drug attic and needs to be in a mental hospital big time. I still think that she is pretty but she already lost all of her looks a long time ago because all of those drugs that Lindsay Lohan had. Before she turned totally missed up and stupid, I enjoyed her movies such as "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen", "Herbie: Fully Loaded", and "Just My Luck". Even though she is screwed up right now, I really enjoyed that film "Machete" which was also starring Lindsay Lohan. We all know that he hardly see Lindsay Lohan in movies because she goes to court alot and has to serve her time in jail alot. This girl needs to get her act and stop doing drugs. Overall, I used to love this actress but now I don't like her anymore and it really disappoints me. 1/10
  • What happened to her?????

    Lindsay is a spoiled brat and a bad role model for kids. She is self-centered, always partying, an alcoholic, and im sorry i have to say this but shes a w****. But i really liked her when she was younger. She was in a lot of good movies. I liked her in Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and Get A Clue. I have to admit i like her some of her acting. She is pretty with her natural hair color and the black, brown, and blonde hair doesnt work for her. What happened??? Lindsay i wish you would go back to your old self.
  • I think Lindsay\'s pretty and talented. If it weren\'t for the fact that she is a smoker, she would be a top-of-the-list contender in my book.

    Lindsay Lohan is killing herself everyday by smoking cigarettes. She doesn\'t know what she\'s doing to herself. She\'s killing herself by smoking and lots of people (especially kids) look up to her as a role model and a talented actor. I think she\'s sending out the wrong message to kids now that everyone knows she\'s a f@#!%$* smoker.
  • This girl is headed for really big trouble.

    Lindsay Lohan must change her wild lifestyle, or else she is sure to head on a one-way road to serious trouble. Her partying, underage drinking, eating disorders, drug abuse, and fueding with other celebreties like Hilary Duff and Ashlee Simpsons is not doing any favors to her carrer, to say nothing about her health and her life, and she doesn't seem to make any efforts at all to improve the situation. She was still partying while she was at rehab, and she was doing it again the day she was released from it. She even missed a funeral for a dear friend of hers to go clubbing, and she had to quit a major movie role. My advice to Lindsay Lohan is to think about how to improve you lifestyle before it is too late.
  • A talented actress who only needs to find her way to the top.

    When she was younger, Lindsay had everything to be a star... Today, she still has, but she has lost her way among the fame. I've seen all her movies and every TV show episode she entered, and I can only say that she is really talented, and what she needs is to find what she really likes to do. Personally, I would go back making comedies, because not only she is pretty, she's also quite funny when she wants to and she has a beautiful voice. I really believe she'll be able to make a comeback, if given the opportunity. If it wasn't for her usual problems, I would give her 10, but because of that, she'll just have to settle with an 8.5 (Still, I give her a much better score, than I give Paris Hilton).
  • Star Quality!

    I just watched Mean Girls the other night, and then Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Lindsey Lohan has definitely made some silly movies and had some ridiculous public displays, but it's hard not to have sympathy for someone who has grown up in the public eye. I think she has a lot of charisma. I hope that she finds a way to harness her creative energy into some great projects, and that she is able to transition into adult roles successfully. It must be hard to develop a sense of self when you've been in such an unreal world your whole life.
  • My Title says it all!

    Really needs to make a huge comeback. And I mean a really huge one. In order to get to be liked once again. As well as on the A list. She is spoiled-rotten brat. Who has parents that really never had grounded her and made her humble and appreciate her fame. Her fans made her. And in the end, she just gives them a big screw you in return. She needs to stop having her personal life publicized, make good movies, and keep her private life private. That way, she can focused more on her career and less on her private life. She is going downhill and fast. It is all over for her big time! If she doesn't clean up her act.
  • empty

    She is a great actress , and I believe that if she gets back on track she could remain in history of one of the best actresses of all times , she is certainly capable , but that is a BIG IF.
  • oh, yay. another britney spears

    hmmm. how should i start. Okay i think that just like Britney Spears she is super talented. I mean she can sing, dance and act. But she went on and spoil herself with some bad company. I heard that Paris Hilton seriously hates her. Her boyffriend or something was p issing Lohan off. I mean he used so many vulgar words the censor machine sound is still stuck in my head.
    Its such a pity her parents, disney and she herself didnt control her. I can just tell you that she could be like Miley Cyrus except maybe even happier. She's talented but spoiled
  • Talented, but going downhill

    Hollywood can be good and bad for celebrities. I know Lindsay Lohan is one of those people ruined by too much money and fame, but she was originally talented to begin with. She is a good actress, and she is really pretty, especially with her natural red hair. She was such a good child actress, and she had so much potential. She's okay, at least she's not as bad as other celebrities I've seen these days. Um.... her parents are okay, but they didn't set too much of a good example for her when she was younger. Lindsay is still a good actress, but she could be one of Hollywood's greatest people if she cleans up her act.
  • Was great when she was younger...

    Lindsay used to be a great actress when she was younger. The first movie I saw her in was The Parent Trap. That movie was excellent!!! I almost died of shock when I found out she played both Annie and Hallie. I actually thought she had a twin and that's how they recorded the movie. Another movie back then was Life Size. That wasn't nearly as good, but it still had pretty good acting on her part. After those movies, she started going downhill a bit. Not in her acting though (because Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen were pretty good) but as a person. She got into partying, drinking, and drugs and that lost her a lot of respect from fans around the world.
  • Oh, wow.

    Okay, seriously. There are millions of people saying this and I can't help but agree. What happened to Lohan? I mean, when I was younger I loved the movie The Parent Trap and I always thought Lohan wasan awesome actress.

    Insert: drugs. How did sweet little Lohan get into drugs and too much alchol? Same way as every star, I suppose... But, I think once she turned away from Disney she made a mistake. From the way she went, she wasn't ready to leave Disney...

    I just hope she doesn't turn as bad as Britany Spears... Kami, I haven't heard anything drastic from her lately so i hope she turning herself around.

    Please come back Lindsay...
  • I cannot believe that I used to want to be just lie her.

    I find it stange that as a child you want things so badly that you are willing to do anything for it, even give up your cookies. I remember in fourth grade I was aabout to give up my best friend for life to be like Lindsay Lohan, which is real embarrassment now. I don't remember exactly how, for it was a long, complicated, and drawn-out story, I just know that I was a crazy-crazy-nut-nut, as one little boy called me once. I used to think she was SO great and talented, what with being in the Parent Trap and all. I beleive my parents must have weened me on that movie or something, to make sure I got a healthy dose of Lindsay Lohan in my diet, which turned out to be not-so healthy. I remember the last one of her movies that I saw and it really turned me off to her, Mean Girls. I was in fourth grade and was just dying to see it because Lindsay Lohan was in it, and it was one of the worst things I've ever seen. Of course the fact that I was a nine-year-old child watching a movie that revolved around premartial sex and highschool drama might have had something to do with it. Lindsay might have not turned out so bad had she not become the next Britney Spears, and gotten into drugs and what not. She had a chance to be something big, and I mean big in a good way, like a star that everyone adores. That was the way she was once, maybe she can turn her life around. Anything is possible these days.
  • Wasted youth.

    I think that Linsay Lohan is a great actress but she is a huge disappointmet when it comes to setting an example for America's youth. Does she not relieaze that she is suppose to set an example seeig how she decided to be an actress and put herself in the spotlight. I think that she needs to stop hanging out with Paris Hilton clean herself up and see that she is really tanlented and she should put her engery i that instead of getting wasted. I think that she was amazing in the movies the Parent Trap remake and Mean Girls.
  • The mot messed up girl I have ever seen.

    Where is the Lindsay Lohan that we knew from the parent trap????

    She was one of America's cutest teen actresses and then she changed all of a sudden.

    Her movie roles went from I am a good girl to I am a stripper who is really hot.

    I think it all started for some publicity but when she got some spotlight she couldn't stop.

    A disney star gone bad.

    Getting drunk and arrested.

    I mean she used to be a good example for teenagers everywhere so what happened????

    Lindsay Lohan I enjoy your movies but you have to fix your life.

    I mean she is very beautifull and I know she is smart but she has to fix herself and set her life straight.

    Even the aneroxia thing was crazy.
    She starved herslef.

    Rehab at 21 or 20 years old.

    Come on you could better than this.

    Her movies are great but she should do something about herself.
  • now...

    as a child she was a good actor and everything that she tried but i think she has took a turn for the worse she needs to decide weather she wants to stick with rehab or not or get out of the limelight or she will turn out like Britney Spears washed wait i dont think we can save Lindsay
    her mother needs to be more of a mother to her than a friend
    Lindsay she is way overused now in movies we dont need that many Lindsay Lohan movies gosh
    Lindsay need needs to cut back on the partying and hang out with some good influences, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie arent good influences for her
  • From Rags to Riches to Rehab!

    Lindsay is one of the 3 girls in Hollywood (you know the ones) that are dominating the news today, thus ANNOYING the American people! I have never liked Lindsay Lohan; she has always been one of the people that you just cannot stand for some reason. I cannot judge her acting skills, but by the lack of movies she has done recently could possibly mean that she was never that great, and she has become an alcoholic out of boredom. But seriously, people like her make you wonder why we allow children to have role models like her! Kids should have heroes that actually care about them, and not just because they made them rich. Hopefully she will turn around, but Lohan is just another example of celebrities trying to find meaning in life.
  • Once a good actress going downhill fast.

    I use to be such a big fan of Lindsay Lohan's acting and singing, and a part of me still is, her old stuff at least. But now it seems everytime I hear the name Lindsay Lohan it's about drinking, drugging, crashing, rehab.............. I really liked her alot at the beginning. When she was a little kid, she was so cute, especially in the 'Parent Trap'. Unfortunately real life caught up with her and she has become yet, another Hollywood statisic. I honestly do hope she pulls herself out of this nightmare she has tangled herself in, but if not I really hope she stays of the tabloids radar, because I'm getting really tired of hearing her name.
  • I loved her before, now i just ca not stand her!!!

    Lindsay Lohan.... When i hear her name i imagine her as cool very talented girl, who i loved, really!!! Now, i just ca not stand her!! She became bad girl and i do not like her at all, now!! I loved her, her movies, music, and her!!! Why????? Why did i love her????
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  • Great Child Actress/ Now! ..... HA!

    I think my score is quite generous ha! She was such a great child actress. Sweet, pretty and talented. I loved her in Parent Trap and Life Size and later, later on Herbie Fully Loaded, Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. But Now! This girl is a NIGHTMARE! I would never want to work with her! Her talent has also gone down aswell. Why would anyone hire her for a movie anymore. Unless she really proves that she is dedicated to work! From what I have heard she was late to set.. And the directors and producers were NOT happy with that! And NOW shes a druggy!! And has been into Rehab and Hospital a number of times! I cant even count any more that its so many! She is such a bad rolemodel for kids. She used to be great. But now shes Terrible.
  • Lindesy Lohan I use to love her movies and she was a great actress. Then she just turned into a druggie and drinker and in and out of rehab and the girl is only 21 years old. That's pretty sad. I don't think she is even trying to get better. If she was

    she wouldn't get out of rehab and then back in. I do feel sorry for her parents because here they are going through a divorce and here's Lindesy just getting into trouble all the time. They got enough going on without her constant drama. At first I thought well maybe she will get better and do some more good movies. NOpe the girl has been in rehab what about 3 times in one year and she pretty much has turned into a looser. I'm kinda getting tired of hearing about her too. With her record she will probably have a hard time getting another movie. I do hope she gets her act together I've seen stars do it but it's mosty because they want the help. I don't think she really cares. If she's not careful she will be Lindsey who?
  • Lindsay Lohan had an acting career, but she lost it by constantly partying.

    I'll give her props she does do good movies and she is a pretty good actress. But she is not a good role model, Lindsay is hanging with the wrong crowd and partying waaay to much, she has very little left of a career. She was once taken seriously but now lives under the label "party girl" Quite frankly I think she has lost it! After hearing about her temper tantrum at the Herbie Fully Loaded premiere that was about it for me. If this girl would just slow down and focus on her acting she might win back my respect, until then, I don't know what to think of her.
  • Wow, it's amazing how she is now!

    Lindsay Lohan was one of the coolest actors of all time. My favorite movies starring her were the Parent Trap, Get A Clue, Freaky Friday, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and Herbie: Fully Loaded. But now, I can't bloody believe it. She's just taking drugs, getting into accidents, going back into rehab, in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out, and it's just stinkin' incredible!!! Now she's been caught with coke. What's next, is she going to be smuggling put, too? Jeez, this girl will never get, won't she? I just wish she would go back to the original red-headed girl she was! Because now, she is a wreck.
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