Lindsey Meadows

Lindsey Meadows


4/10/1982, Cleveland, OH, United States

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Lyndsey Meadows, Wildflower, Lindsay Meadows, Danielle
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Lindsey Meadows was an adult film actress from 2004 - 2010. Lindsey has appeared in Co-Ed Confidential.


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    • Lindsey Meadows: (On what she would do if she became invisible for a day) I would hang out in bathrooms and I would go to like, guys houses I secretly want to fuck and see what they are doing. I would go to George Bush's house and see him masturbate.

    • Lindsey Meadows: (On becoming a stripper then porn star after being a hippie) Well that's actually kind of funny. Like I said, I did a lot of drugs and I got sick of it. I weighed like 65 pounds and it was bad. So I locked myself in my house for six months and did nothing but smoke pot and eat to get clean.

    • Lindsey Meadows: (On being a hippie with hairy armpits) Oh yeah totally. I didn't shave my legs or anything. I was hairy girl up and down man.

    • Lindsey Meadows: (On what is was like growing up in Cleveland, Ohio) I had fun man, are you kidding me? I did a lot of drugs as kid and went to a lot of hippie rock shows. Everyone in our little group called me Wildflower that was my hippie name.

    • Lindsey Meadows: (On being viewed as a sex object and having a relationship outside of the porn industry as of July 29, 2008) What is up with that!?!... ...I mean, guys just see you as a toy. And that's not what I'm about at all. In my personal life, I'm not looking for sex as much as I'm looking for intimacy, which doesn't really have anything to do with having a cock inside you.

    • Lindsey Meadows: (On her struggle to find a man after she joined the porn industry as of July 29, 2008) I really dug the guy,... ...We would talk for hours each day and totally clicked. I thought it was something special. But I guess all he wanted was to see me get naked on the webcam. He just thought it was cool that I was a porn star.

    • Lindsey Meadows: (On her relationship status as of July 29th, 2008) I've been single for six years,... ...The hardest part about porn is having a relationship outside the industry. Once guys know you're in porn, they just view you as a sex object.

    • Lindsey Meadows: (On growing up with boys) I grew up with boys... ...Before me, there hadn't been a girl born in my family for 52 years, so I was surrounded by men. My dad was a laborer. My punishment when I got in trouble was to haul dry wall.

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