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  • Great!

    I would select a category but there is none. This site has really changed, and I have not reviewed in a while. *blushes* Anyway this girl really can act even if I have only seen her in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. I think it is great that a lot of her true self was put into Ned's; ie: Volleyball, tomboy, etc. I am so glad that even though that show is over she is getting another chance at acting. She will do great in her upcoming role as Cat in 10 Things I Hate About You. I have seen the movie and I think she will do great in that role as the tough edgy girl. I personally like that role.I am glad that in her new role she gets to be more sophisticated. I think she is pretty without looking like "the pretty girl". Although the way she did her hair in Ned's Declassified, which was not doing it, I did not like that. I think it is great that she enjoys John Grishem. (mom's a fan) That is interesting that she talks about Soup Kitchen because that is something my church does.
  • Lindsey Shaw--the next big up-and-comer

    I feel there's something special about this girl. Simply put--she rocks. Ever since I began watching her on Ned's Declassified School Survival guide, I immediately felt there was something singular and unique about her--in a good way. She's got one of those sharp personalities that jump out at you through the tv screen--captivating and charismatic; not to mention acting chops that far exceed the bulk of actresses her generation. I truly believe she has the potential to rise to great heights in the business. I wish her the best in everything she does and hope one day she achieves the acclaim she deserves.
  • Lindsey Shaw's actress was amazing!!!

    Yeah she is a great actress just like Devon! I know Devon and Lindsey are dating in real life. That's too bad they are broken up already sorry about that. I know most people heard about that too. Why Lindsey never getting own show? Yeah she should getting own show because she was a great actress! I'm glad that Lindsey Shaw will get new show. Well, I think it is not Lindsey Shaw's own TV show. Who cares? People will see her more actor on the show. Maybe Lindsey Shaw should more actresses on the show or movie! If she never getting her own show well, that's okay. But she has to more actors that are it.
  • Beautiful actress and very talented

    She is a very great actress, i think that she should be in some big movies, or have her own show. I really think she should have her own show, or be the star of a movie, i bet it would get some good ratings. I also think they should keep making more ned's declassified, another season or something, like a high school version. Ned's Declassified is a great show and they should just keep making more episodes. Also they should have the Lindsey, devon and daniel have another show or movie together at least, it would be really great!!
  • Kinda pretty and her acting is, 'so-so'.

    Like I said, she is just, 'kinda' pretty. I mean, I don't think she is the prettiest star I like. I guess her dark brown hair is kinda cute on her, but still . . Her acting is what I would call, so-so. She isn't real funny, actually, and I've seen many better. No offense to Lindsay Shaw, I mean, how she plays her role, Moze, on Ned's is probably the best Moze there is, but she is no hilarious super-star like Will Smith. She hasn't really done much in her acting to make me laugh, really. I'm sorry to everyone else who disagrees with me, and wondering why I gave her a 8.7, but now you know why.
  • lindsey shaw is a great actress and the most beatiful girl ive seen period.

    lindsey shaw is the best actress ive seen yet and she is the most beatiful one ive seen to. id love to meet her someday or even better star in a show with her. i cant wait until i see her on the big screen. one day i hope that i will co-star with lindsey even if i only have a small role just having the chance to meet her and even act with her would be the greatest thing that could ever happen. lindsey is just plain great at acting and very very beatiful. keep up all the great work.
  • Amazing Actress and she has the looks!!

    Lindsey Shaw was born on May 10, 1989 in Lincoln, Nebraska. She is so talented and she is gorgeous. She is mostly known as Jennifer Mosely (Moze) on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. She is my favorite character on the show and she is soo funny. She makes me laugh a lot. She was hilarious in the episode Guide to: Dismissal. Ha Ha Ha. She dresses up as a boy. LOL!!! She is currently dating her Ned's Declassified co-star, Devon Werkheiser. Umm yeah she is an awesome actresss and she has the looks!! She is 17 years old currently!! She is really good!!
  • She is perfect, and a awsome actess!!!!

    - She is perfect, gorgeous, she brings joy to the world when she smiles.
    - I'd love to meet her someday, she - She is an awsome actess, very cult, interesting and smart.
    - She is already a great actress and will become an ever greater one.

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  • Lindsey Shaw is a good actress and a beautiful girl.

    Though Lindsey Shaw is a very great person for this character, and is very talented and beautiful, the creators of this show make her look like a stuck up girl who always gets mad when she doesn't get her way. I mean, she calls Ned and Simon (Cookie) idiots when I would like to say to her, "Look in the mirror!!" But still, she is perfect for the character of Jennifer Mosely. She is beautiful, talented, and very unique . . . . . . . . . . but not as near as beautiful as Christian Marie! (Who plays Susie in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide)
  • lindsey shaw is so pretty and cute she a great person and i think is cool that she play on ned's declassified show

    lindsey shaw has it all the great talent the looks the smile it's all gret and she's very cute i think that it's cool that she her own web site with those cute pictures

    lindsey shaw is so pretty and cute she a great person and i think is cool that she play on ned's declassified show
  • Lindsey Shaw is really, really HOT!!

    Lindsey Shaw is one of the most beautiful young women I have ever seen on television. What is great is I am only a few months older than her. She is so hot and sexy. I hope that someday I will meet her. She has such a beautiful body and she always looks incredible. She should have her own t.v show to display her incredible looks. She has an amazing smile and a perfect face. I wish the ratings would go higher than ten, becuase she deserves to be rated much, much higher. Any guy that gets her is very lucky.
  • She's a great actress

    I just happen to realise that she has the same birthday as me! 10th May which is tmr! ahh... so freaky and not to mention cool! i like to watch Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide so that i can see her in the show! Great job! keep on having more series!
  • Great Actress and a Beautiful Girl.

    Lindsey is a great actress and I think she is quite the beautiful young lady. She plays her parts very well and that is what makes her so great. I started watching Ned's Declassifed School Survival Guide, where she plays Jennifer Mosely (Moze). I think she's pretty funny on the show and she brightens up the show a lot. I bet in the future Lindsey will be a very successful actress. Nickelodean is going to be her starting point on the road to stardom! Lindsey deserves to be an actress right now because she is a fabulous one. The agency that spotted her had a good eye for actresses, because they found Lindsey. Lindsey will become very successful in the future, I know it. Keep working hard Lindsey!

  • Lindsey Shaw is the greatest person ever. she is the hottest,sexiest and an angel.I wish i could meet her

    Lindsey is a great person,i go on the internet but no one can describe her the way she is. It is only a 1 out of 10 or maby 0. i could only describe her as a 3 not even that.Sheis hot and even though she was born on the 10th of may 1989 there could be a chance but i think unlikely. because i don\\\\\\\'t know how someone as beautiful as her will like somone like me. I was born on the 21st of january 1993 and only if she like\\\\\\\'s younger men she won\\\\\\\'t like me. Word\\\\\\\'s can\\\\\\\'t describe her.
  • Hot!!!

    Really, really, really, really, really, really, really, hot!! Definitely one of the hotter younger actresses. I wish the rating system went higher than 10. :) I hope she gets new jobs later in her life. Ah man, I would love to be her b.f. I wish her lots of success in future shows and someday movies.
  • lindsey shaw a gorgeous teenage actress who plays moze on neds declasified school survival guide.

    Lindsey has it all in my opinion when it comes to acting she has great social skills great acting and definetly has the looks but i think in neds declasified school survival guide she is overlooked and underutilised but i wouldent be surprised if in the future we see her on the big screen but as an actress she deserves a thumbs up.
  • Lindsey Shaw is a beautiful and talented young actress. I\'d love to see her career expand beyond its current \"Ned\'s Declassified.\"

    Lindsey Shaw is a beautiful and talented young actress. I enjoy watching her on \"Ned\'s Declassified\" on Nickelodeon. My two sons aren\'t old enough yet to fully appreciate Lindsey\'s beauty, but they like the show anyhow. They (my sons) always tell me to \"shut up\" when Lindsey shows up on the screen and I say \"She\'s CUTE!!!\" I\'d love to see Lindsey\'s career continue to grow and expand beyond \"Ned\'s Declassified.\" I know she could land many more roles if she wanted. I\'m sure school and family play an important part as to how far she will take things. I don\'t know what her ultimate goals are for career/family/life, but I\'m sure Lindsey will be able to conquer and excel at whatever she sets her mind and heart to accomplish. Way to go, Lindsey!!!