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  • She's an angel, plain and simple. No other explanation.

    There's just something about her. It feels weird saying I'm in love with a celebrity, so I'll just shut my mouth. She is incredibly talented, she has the sweetest little smile, beautiful eyes, and she's the most gorgeous thing I've ever laid my eyes on. I'm actually going to pursue a career in acting for the chance to meet her. The greatest thing in the world to me would be to be with her. As lame as it sounds, it's actually something important to me.
    I want to act and be able to impress her and steal her heart.
    I recommend seeing any of her movies to anyone out there. She is truly an angel. That's reason enough to see her movies.
    Of course, I'm just all in love so my views may be a little one sided. lol
  • shes my favorite actress

    shes very pretty an awesome actress shes looks very innocent and thats why shes cool shes very cute with kevin zegers and looks very nice, sweet, and a very caring person shes been in dawn of the dead and i guess horror/ drama movies are like her speciality shes GREAT!
  • The best actress out there today. Totally under-rated - and hot too!

    From the moment Lindy stepped onto the stage, she was destined to be a star. Totally beautiful, she shined even in crap like Eerie Indiana: The Other Dimension. Regular roles on series' The Famous Jett Jackson and Relic Hunter helped Lindy to hone her acting skills and afforded her early chances to show just how talented she really was. The hard-nosed teenage spy Hawk (on Jett Jackson) was a lot of fun to watch and showed that Lindy could do sci-fi (even if just kiddie sci-fi) believably, not an easy task. Relic Hunter's Out of the Past, saw Lindy's Claudia dealing with recollections of a past life as Cleopatra's hand-maiden, a tough to convey role in which Lindy was no less than amazing. Later appearances only reinforced my opinion of her as truly talented. Stand-outs included her dual turn as a modern gothic teenager and a 1920s flapper in the indie film Century Hotel, her role as a former pornographic film star who falls in love with a good guy lawyer in Fairytales & Pornography (a role which earned her raves from Ain't It Cool News), and her turn as the much ignored and bitter teenage daughter of space mercinary Rudolpho in Torment, an episode of Starhunter. Awards such as the DVD Premiere Awards (which awarded Lindy a best supporting actress trophy for her role in the Skulls II) and the Canadian Comedy Awards (Lindy was nominated for Rub & Tug) seem ready to acknowledge Lindy's talent. Now that she's looking better than ever - the red hair really works for her - perhaps she will finally find the fame that she so truly deserves.