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    • Lindy (about her character in Cry_Wolf): One of the most interesting parts about her, I think, is that she starts out so strong and so sure and then it slowly starts to fall away and you begin to see she's not who she says she is and she's really a sad person. She's really vulnerable. You don't see it coming. The challenge for me was to play it all through but to cover it up with other things. It was fun. It was a very well-written part and I can't take much credit for that!

    • Lindy (about Cry_Wolf): It was one of the smartest scripts I've received and it's certainly the smartest horror I've ever read.

    • Lindy (about Cry_Wolf): I auditioned for it and Jeff, I guess, had been down in LA trying to find a Dodger and had looked at a bunch of people and had given up hope. He came up to Toronto to meet me during the film festival and...

    • Lindy (about Cry_Wolf): I was sent the script by my manager. I adored it.

    • Lindy (about Cry_Wolf): I was really interested in it and its smart, sassy, funny and sexy lead character. I think that's really rare; especially in horror films.

    • Lindy: I think too often women are cast as the victim.

    • Lindy: I came on kind-of late in the game.

    • Lindy: I had an amazing conversation with him [Jon Bon Jovi] on the very first day that I met him. I wanted to get a sense of him and why he was doing the movie and why he was there. I was like, "Gosh, he's such a huge star, why does he put himself out there to try something new?" I asked him and I realised he puts himself out there to try something new like we all do; because he wants a challenge and he loves it, he loves film and he loves acting. And he's very, very good at it. It's amazing that he's so curious about it and so professional. It's really nice to see.

    • Lindy: Because the whole film, you're trying to figure out who's lying and who's telling the truth. And you're trying to figure out, are we manipulating you? Are we being honest with you? Are we being honest with what we're showing you?

    • Lindy: It's really exciting because at the end you're like, Ah hah! You know? You're fulfilled. It all works out.

    • Lindy: It's about lying and it's about subjectivity.

    • Lindy (about Cry_Wolf): I think that what's great about this is it's not a twist.

    • Lindy: I read a lot of horror scripts and to not play a victim, to play someone who's really layered and an interesting person is really rare.

    • Lindy (about Cry_Wolf): I got sent the script by my manager and I read it and I loved it.

    • Lindy (about Cry_Wolf): You know from the beginning what you're getting into.

    • Lindy: I hate twist endings. I truly do.

    • Lindy (about Cry_Wolf): It's a fabulous script, it's extremely well written and my character, Dodger, is a really strong female character.

    • Lindy (about Cry_Wolf): I feel like it's so supported, so it's not a twist.

    • Lindy: I hate watching a movie and the end comes and you're like, Why did I watch the whole movie? I could have just watched the last ten minutes.

    • Lindy: What made the killer such a scary character, for me, was the thought that it was my worst nightmare. It was all our characters throwing all of our worst ideas and nightmares into a pot and then all of a sudden they come true. It's a terrifying idea for a character. A person's worst nightmare is their own personal thing but when it's everyone's nightmares as well as your own coming at you it's truly terrifying.