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Linsey Godfrey

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Linsey is best known for her recurring role as Caitlin Blum on the NBC series Surface.


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  • She is probably my fav actress ever!

    She is amazing in sooo many ways, for a start she is an amazing actor, shes really hot, and she soots the part of Catlin perfectly in Surface. I dont know if shes really like that in real life, buts lets hope so! I hope that they do make a Surface series 2...and PLEASE dont let Catlin die or get eaten or anything...cos then we have lost her forever!!! She should definatly make her own fan site, as judging by the comments about her, she will definatly have a few members! All in all she is an amazing actress and should be considered as one of surfaces stars!!! (even though she isnt mentioned in the imediot cast lists and there are no pics)moreless
  • She is the best thing on TV right now.

    She comes seemingly out of nowhere to be a regular on Surface. But man, what an entrance! I had to watch that episode twice just to get all the nuances to her performance, she was soo good at being a subtle flirt!

    I figured her character was going to end up being bad because she was playing an angle to get to Nim for some reason. But wow, she's real good at making you feel like she's the only person around that matters and in a good way too.

    I hope they keep her on Surface and cast her in more roles like the one on NCIS' "Bait." That was a nice surprise since it's been so long since the last episode of Surface :)moreless