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  • lookin good

    adam was quite handsome ... and when very young, i remember feeling really disappointed to learn that he wasn't really blind --- odd. kids are just weird i guess. - perhaps i had one of those "i can rescue him" complexes?
  • ummm can someone help me figure out if im related to linwood boomer or not my names jenna boomer. so i think were related some how anyways read the review to know more..........

    Hi My Name is Jenna Boomer, from what i have been told linwood boomer is related to me. my dads name is john and i live in canada. im just wondering if i am actually related to linwood because if i am thats pretty cool. umm but yea so my dads name is john mines jenna and my grammas is carole. so i hope i can figure out if were related can someone help me with this please!!!!. thanks alot if you need to know more my email is you can email me anytime if you need to know more or anything. thats again!