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  • Lisa Bonel = Stunning actor!

    I loved Lisa Bonet in everything I saw her in. Angel Heart was an odd flick, but she was SUPER in it. She may not have made the popular choices that Bill Cosby and Hollywood have preferred, but I think she got screwed out of a wonderful career! I say Angel Heart II
  • I enjoyed lisa in all her film roles she is very beautiful and exotic.

    In all the film roles in which I have had the priveledge of seeing Lisa Bonet, she has ALWAYS had a maximum off the charts sex appeal. She is so totally beautiful. And she is a fairly good actress as well. Through her television and movie roles (as sparse as they have been) she has demonstrated a fairly wide range of portrayal. She was very cute in the Bill Cosby shows -all the way to sizzling hot in some of her movie rolls. As far as a "regular beauty". I thought she looked best in her brief role as Rachel Banks, in Enemy of the State (with Will Smith and Gene Hackman)and one physical feature of hers that I have ALWAYS "admired" and enjoyed are her terrific beautiful hairy arms. I would LOVE to see more of her in the future.