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  • The One Where Monica Sings

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    S 9 : Ep 13 - 1/30/03

    From his apartment, Ross saw Rachel and Gavin kissing at her birthday party and is livid. He decides that if she's going to move on, then so will he. Joey's photographer thinks that he should have his eyebrows waxed for some new headshots. When the wax job gets botched, Chandler proves to have a hidden talent. Phoebe invites Monica to Mike's karaoke piano bar and eventually, Monica decides to make her singing debut. The male customers become her adoring fans when the spotlight hits her and they can see that she is braless. Rachel feels awkward about seeing Gavin again after kissing him, so she calls in sick. Gavin takes her absence personally and comes to visit her. It becomes clear to him that Ross is still a factor in her life. Ross brings home a girl from Central Perk who has issues. Ultimately, he and Rachel have words about their current circumstances and Rachel decides she'd be better off living with Joey again.

  • The One with the Baby Shower

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    S 8 : Ep 20 - 4/25/02

    The girls throw Rachel a baby shower, but Monica forgets to invite Rachel's mother until the very last minute. She then spends most of the party trying to get back in Mrs. Green's good graces. Joey has a chance to host a new game show called "Bamboozle!" He enlists the help of Ross and Chandler to play a practice game. Meanwhile, back at the shower, it's gradually dawning on Rachel that she is ill-prepared for motherhood. Her mom offers to live with her to help her through the early weeks. Ross tells her it won't be necessary; that he'll be there and that he's had plenty of parenting experience himself, with Ben. He also reassures Rachel that she has more of what it takes than she gives herself credit for.

  • The One That Could Have Been (2)

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    S 6 : Ep 16 - 2/17/00

    Carol and Ross haven't been having sex so Ross suggests spicing up their sex life by having a threesome. Carol is instantly onboard and invites her friend Susan into their bedroom, but almost immediately, the threesome turns into a twosome between Carol and Susan. Rachel jumps at the chance to spend the night with soap star Joey Tribbiani, but drinks too much and throws up, instead. When she returns home early, Rachel catches her husband Barry taking advantage of her absence with another woman. Fat Monica is nervous about consummating her relationship with her doctor boyfriend, so Chandler sleeps with her to show her the ropes. Afterwards, jealous of her doctor boyfriend, he confesses his heartfelt feelings for her. Phoebe has back-to-back heart attacks from the stress of losing millions as a stock broker. She gets fired as a result and ends up singing at Central Perk.