Lisa Cerasoli





1/27/1969 , Iron Mountain, Michigan

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From Iron Mountain, a small town in upper Michigan came the bold, lively, sparkling actress, Lisa Cerasoli. You may recognize her from her days on Boomtown, General Hospital, The Pretender or Acapulco Bay.

Lisa always had dreams of being an actress, but she first made a stop on her path to stardom at Michigan State where she was pre-med. Unable to shake the urge to get closer to Hollywood, Lisa headed west to Arizona State where she was selected for the accredited Architecture program. After starring in several theatre productions, Lisa couldn't fight her dreams any longer and made the major switch to Theatre.

With a degree in hand, Lisa made the final leap to Los Angeles. Within a few short months, she landed a series regular role on the primetime series, Acapulco Bay. After shooting in Mexico for seven months, Lisa again made the trip back to LA where she landed another series regular role in the sitcom pilot Close-Up.

With a string of success under her belt, Lisa received a call from ABC to audition for General Hospital. She did not get that role, but that is not to Lisa's discredit. In fact, the producers were so impressed by her abilities and personality that they created a role for her on General Hospital as the ever-popular, spunky, klutzy, loveable Venus "V" Ardanowski. Lisa, with her amazing presence and comedic timing, along with the help of a huge group of dedicated fans, parlayed her recurring role into a contract role.

After a two year stint on General Hospital, Lisa landed the role of Zoe on The Pretender. Zoe was confident and free spirited, the complete opposite of V, remarks Lisa on her role of "The Pretender's" love interest. Again, after impressing the producers and gaining another group of loyal fans, Lisa was asked back to the show for the two part season finale.

Most recently, Lisa has a recurring role as Mia Lang on NBC's Boomtown. Lisa is also writing, her first screenplay, On The Brink of Bliss and Insanity is a character driven, farcical, dark romantic comedy that is sure to be a box office hit.