Lisa Edelstein





5/21/1967 , Boston, Massachusetts

Birth Name




Lisa Edelstein is probably best remembered for her season-long role as "Rhonda Roth" on Relativity. You might also remember her as "bratty 'Patty'" on Almost Perfect, or as "Lauren" on the final seasons of Felicity or "Cyndi McCaully" on Ally McBeal. Or you heard her on Superman: The Animated Series as the voice of "Mercy Graves," Lex Luthor's right-hand girl or the cult character "Crystal Steele" in the Blade Runner CD-ROM game from Westwood Studios.

Lisa has had a very eclectic television career. She has guest-starred in several popular top-10 television shows, including Seinfeld, ER, Frasier,Family Law, Sports Night, and Just Shoot Me. In one season alone, Lisa starred in 3 different series at the same time. Those shows included the critically-acclaimed ABC series Relativity; CBS' Almost Perfect; and WB's Superman: The Animated Series. Lisa also had a recurring role in the first season of NBC's highly-acclaimed drama series, The West Wing.

On the big screen, Lisa has appeared in several popular films, including the Academy Award-winning feature film As Good As It Gets, as well as The Doors, Love Affair, Susan's Plan, Indiscreet, What Women Want, which stared Mel Gibson and Academy Award-winners Helen Hunt and Marisa Tomei. and Keeping the Faith with Ben Stiller, Edward Norton, and Jenna Elfman. Lisa was also in the Eddie Murphy comedy, Daddy Day Care.

Lisa also volunteers and promotes the welfare and fair treatment for animals. She devotes a lot of her time to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and their efforts to find new homes for rescued animals and pets.

In 2011, she won the People's Choice Award for best actress in a drama series.