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  • Fuck yeah Lisa E

    She is amazing isnt she? Fuck yeah she is. What a wonderful actress and human being. I could spend the whole day watching her on TV and never get tired
  • my mother used to work with lisa's mom in lincoln park elementary school in new jersey. My mom said that she met lisa a few times and said that she was one of the nicest people when she visited.

    my mother used to work with lisa's mom in lincoln park elementary school in new jersey. My mom said that she met lisa a few times and said that she was one of the nicest people when she visited. her father had a practice in wayne new jersey i am not sure if he still has it he probably retired. When i first told my mother about house she reminded me that lisa's mom used to work with her. I didn't put 2 and 2 together until i saw that her moms name is bonnie. lisa is such a beautiful woman.
  • WeSupportLisaE

    Lisa Edelstein is not only a great and versatile actress. Above all, she is also an inspiring spokeperson giving voices to all those young women all over the globe. She is an environmentalist and an idealist and indeed a true role model that one can speak his/her own minds just as long as they are doing it the right way and with the right means. Standing up to one's own beliefs no matter what the consequences are is also one of the greatest characteristics Ms. Edelstein has that we her supporters look forward to also practice in our daily lives. She is definitely one of those few actresses out there that is not afraid to support other charity institutions and be supportive all around to fight for a good cause. We will always be here for her and the events that she supports. :)
  • Amazing!

    Incredibly talented actress! Versatile! Absolutely hilarious and funny! Always cheerful! Totally friendly! Wonderful and kind human being! She simply rocks :)
  • flawless

    amazing actress, wonderful person and drop dead gorgeous.
  • Wonderful actress and human being

    I can only say good things about her. Thats why i dont need to write a longer review.
  • read the review

    Lisa edelstein is without words, amazing! Out of all the roles she's played, obviously my favorite is House M.D. This role, proves how much she can nail a good hard script. It definately has a lot of major medical terms, and i give major props. But, getting away from the medical aspect of lisa edelstein, she's a gorgeous woman. She's definately one I look up to, and one i probably will always. She's my second favorite actress, ever! She will definately always be in that ranking with me. All in all lisa is an amazing woman. there's not much more you can say.
  • Have my babies :) ILY

    What a babe! Flawlessly sexy and she knows it! Couldn't imagine anyone else playing the role of Lisa Cuddy. She is one of the reasons I mark House as a 10/10 show. Seen some of her interviews off the show and seems to have a decent personality as well. No suprise really, she has a very cute and infectious smile!

    Bottomline, I really hope she stays in House till the end! Cuddy and House = besssst! I personally, can't see another doing her part. She is invaluable to the show IMO. Anywho, I wish her the bestest of careers and well...

    Maybe a few more photoshoots Lisa ;)
  • love love love her !

    Before discovering House MD I had never heard of Lisa Edelstein nor did I recognise her from any other shows.
    Which ,if you look at the long list of shows on IMDB in which she had a role, would seem almost impossible.

    From the first episode of House MD she stunned me with her looks and acting ability. Her scenes with Hugh Laurie were spicy and clever!
    I love the lines the writers give to these two.. a Huddy scene always hits the right mark! Lisa's facial expressions are priceless and her comic-timing is flawless ! Where has this woman been hiding !

    On top of everything she seems to be a funny, down the earth, intelligent , caring human being in real life, what more is there to want from a rising star like Lisa E !

    She became one of the main reasons why I watch this show and has turned me into a Huddy shipper..(which is the naming for someone who would like Cuddy and House to hook up on the I have read on one of the forums)

    When one day (god the far far future) House MD comes to end, please don't let Miss Edelstein dissapear from the tvscreen !!
    Like Addison on Greys , Cuddy should have her spin-off !
  • House's straight gal. Lisa Edelstein plays the perfectly bemused Dr. Cuddy. She is also gorgeous.

    Lisa Edelstein plays the permanently frustrated Dr. Lisa Cuddy. It is a wonderful role though one often finds oneself wishing for more. Lisa Cuddy is House's Keeper and Edelstein plays this role well. To deal with Hugh Laurie's antics as the irrepressible Dr. House, Edelstein must be simultaneously frustrated, intrigued, outraged and gratified. Edelstein carries it off well. She has developed multiple ways in which to roll her eyes at House's antics and it is always an amusing scene when House and Cuddy interact. There is more than this to Lisa Edelstein though. She is one of those perfect feminine forms. It is not just her talent that draws attention, it is her perfect curves, stunning eyes, and raven locks. Lisa Edelstein is a magnificent example of woman and I cannot take my eyes off of her whenever she is on the screen. I can imagine that few could. Does anyone else think that the Mercy character she used to voice bore a startling resemblance to her?
  • A fantastic actress and looks like (wow) if I was only 30 years younger all in all great job on your part look forward to seeing you in the new episods.

    A fantastic actress love her to pieces shows a tramends amount of feelings. I think that the feelings she displays for House needs to go to the next step maybe a donation for Cuddy's motherhood.
    Even though it's only a tv show she must feel some times the House charicter is too much all the yelling and loudness. Love her eyes. Maybe Cuddy should be in some kind of danger and House can resque her could be inside or outside of the hospital a personal thing. sorry if I mess up i'm not the greatest speller exct. keep it up.Robert
  • Lisa Edelstein the gorgeous witty actor that has a great deal to offer to all. Her exquisite look would have not only men wanting to see more of her on the screen, but woman wanting to be like her. What a superb actor that will only ripen wi

    Lisa Edelstein the gorgeous witty actor that has a great deal to offer to all her fans.
    Her exquisite look would have not only men wanting to see more of her on the screen, but woman wanting to be like her.
    What a superb actor that will only ripen with age.
    When i read the article about her perents family of how they were killed in the Holocaust, i found my eyes weeping with tears!to even think did that really happen?
    To be able to pick up the pieces and go on with life!, You have some very resilient forgiven people.
    Well done Lisa! what a Woman!!!
  • Lisa Edelstein began her professional acting career while studying theater at N.Y.U.'s Tisch School of the Arts.

    it's the kind of woman that every man wants to marry.She looks like a Greek godes, and i could not understand why they made her play a ''guy'' in Ally macbeal. It wast convincing at all. Not even at West wing when she was playing a prostitute. Finaly i realy enjoy watcing her playing a role ( Dr. Lisa Cuddy )that seems more like her.
  • I think Cuddy is an excelent actress.

    Cuddy can act well in every sort of situation and makes the intended amotion rise. She is always harrased and bugged by House, but she knows she likes it anyway. I don\'t think that the only reason that House is still working is that he is an EXCELLENT doctor. I think that Cuddy and all the nurses and other peole enjoy his witty antics. Although I think many people enjoy House I also think that the people closest to him hate him the most. (Review of the people I think hate House most:10,least:1. Foumin:8, Carmen:7, Chase:9 1/2, Cuddy:7 1/2, Wilson:10, current winner of \"Hating House\" issssssss Cop:20. Thank you for reading my review (it\'s mainly about House because I couldn\'t get enough points to write a review on House soo well, I tried).
  • She is a very talented actress

    I first saw her on the hit show House and from day one I though "Wow, she can really act."
    The more I watched her on House, the more I admired her.
    She is both beautiful and talented which isn't something we can say about most people on TV, most of them are just beautiful faces that can hardly put two words together, sure they are good to look at but I need more. I need solid acting too and that's where Lisa comes in.
    I also saw her in an episode of Without a Trace and that came to show everyone that she play opposite parts with equal excelency.
  • Wonderfully talented performer.

    Lisa is such an awesome actress. I love her on House. She and Hugh are so cute together on screen. She really nails every line with confidence. She is my tv role model for many reasons. She's talented, kind, (seems) intelligent, she cares about animals, and she's gorgeous. My step dad say's she's sexy (he's 34), and my uncle said she was smokin' (he's 28). I'm very proud of Lisa, and anyone not handing her roles left and right is a dumbass.
  • She is just such a wonderfully talented actress!!!!

    I love lisa edelstein. she is just sssssssooooo talented. she plays the role of cuddy so well. i have seen other shows with her in them and she is brilliant. she does so much for the characters.
    plus she is stunningly beautiful.
    she is one of my role models!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love what she does for doggies!!!!!!!!!!!
    100% original and does NOT have a big head. she is so down to earth!!!
    Totally love lisa!!!!!!
  • I love her! She's a great actress!

    Lisa Edelstein is such a great actress! She does a great job playing the roles she is given. She can really get into character! I like her role in House a lot! She looks like she's truly pissed off. She interacts with the other characters in a truly believable way.
  • Good strong supporting slightly bitchy wondergal

    I like her in this role since she's behind House at every step. While the fellows are learning from him intellectually, she has to stop House's eccentricities from bringing the house down. She's smart and good on her toes like an attorney.

    I think she is the only match for House. As quick as he is in thinking along the lines of logic that only House can, she is planning and scheming just as much as he is but to keep thinks balanced.

    I love the episode Baby and the Bathwater when she listens to House, figures out what he's up to and by tossing the card in the trash you KNOW she is onto his bizarre twisted scheme. Blink and miss it, Lisa Edelstein is just that fast. She is my fave of the hospital people.
  • I personally LOVE this girl! She's had so many fab roles, but Cuddy takes the biscuit...

    Ive loved Lisa for years. From her Sports Night episode, to Just Shoot Me, to the one that finally got me searching for her, as Lianna Sardo in Without A Trace. But now? Lisa Cuddy is just amazing!

    She has the right amount of intellegence, and more than enough sass and sex appeal to work and win with someone like House :D She just rocks!

    Keep on truckin', Lisa!