Lisa Faulkner


Lisa Faulkner Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Lisa appeared in the films Feast of Midnight and The Scarlet Tunic.

    • Lisa supports a charity magazine named the 'Pink Ribbon' that promotes breast cancer.

    • When she was a teenager Lisa had a crush on Boy George and even spent a whole day camped outside his house in London.

    • Lisa has taught at Amanda Redman's Artists Theatre School on numerous occassions.

    • Lisa was diagnosed with the skin condition rosacea in 2005.

    • After the death of her mother, Lisa wanted to become a nurse. She was scheduled to start her first term at Whittington Hospital in North London but she landed a role in a french film.

    • Lisa was head girl at her grammar school but she dropped out to follow a career in modelling in Paris.

    • Lisa is good friends with her former Holby City co-stars Nicola Stephenson and Angela Griffin.

    • Lisa has had two dramatic deaths on-screen: the first was in her role as Helen Flynn on Spooks in which her head was pushed into a deep fat fryer before she was shot. The second was in her role as Dr Victoria Merrick on Holby City in which she was murdered in one of the show's most memorable storylines.

    • Lisa was formerly engaged to Jonny Lee Miller.

    • Lisa was approached by a modelling scout when she was standing outside a tube station; the meeting led to a successful career as a teenage model at the age of 16.

    • Lisa married her "Burn It" co-star Chris Coghill in April 2005.

  • Quotes

    • Lisa: As a kid I was always in and out of hospital. I was terribly accident prone and had various broken bones plus a whole range of childhood problems from adenoids to appendicitis. But I was an odd child, I loved hospitals. I even loved hospital food.

    • Lisa: I'm not scared of doctors or anything medical but I absolutely hate even the idea of the dentist. I'll make all kind of excuses not to go. I think my fear of dentists must be connected with the needles. I just can't bear the thought of them.

    • Lisa: (On wanting to become a nurse) I loved the way nurses were in the Royal Marsden. They were wonderful to my Mum and dealt with patients and relatives so well. It made me want to be like them.

    • Lisa: (On the death of her mother) It was the most horrible time of my life. We were so close. She was my best friend and it was horrible to watch her die.

    • Lisa: It's always very interesting getting a new script, I love it when you can't turn the page quick enough to find out what happens next. I've come to a few sticky ends in Spooks and Holby City, but I don't usually look to the end of a script to see what happens!