Lisa Gastineau

Lisa Gastineau


12/11/1959, Rockland County New York

Birth Name

Lisa D'Amico


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Former fashion model who was once married to All-Pro Football player Mark Gastineau and was once the mistress of notorious crime boss John Gotti. Now starring in her own reality series, Gastineau Girls, on the E! network along with her 22 year old daughter Brittney.


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  • Lisa Gastineau is gorgeous, over 40 and has the brains and guts to get what she wants.

    With all the snide remarks and unflattering comments about Lisa Gastineau I simply had to write in about how underrated I think she is.

    Most of the attacks against Lisa have been about her age, remarks like “menopausal” lazy and “rich bitch” have peppered some of the more dubious sites.

    This brings two thoughts to mind. Is it a criminal offence to be over 40 and still look gorgeous and desirable? Still be looking for “the one” and still have an ounce of life left in you?

    That’s the problem with this world, once you are over a certain age you are nothing but a target of ridicule

    I think Lisa is all of the above, gorgeous fun and full of energy. I don’t care if it is surgically enhanced. She obviously had it to start off with. The other main feature of abuse directed at her is her money and where she got it. Good for her I say. I married once for love and after he left me for a 17 year old, she later left him and cleared him out of his millions. So well done Lisa, your smarter than the average Jane soap who obviously likes to slander you.

    I love the show and I love Lisa. I am looking forward to more and more of Lisa. She is the bomb.