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Lisa Goldstein is an American actress born July 30, 1981. She is best known for her starring role as "Millicent Huxtable" on The CW teen drama One Tree Hill.


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    • Lisa (on handling Gigi return in "One Tree Hill"): Millie, as good as she is at her job, and as smart as she is, she gets really frazzled when she's under stressful situations, so I don't know how she'll handle it. But I think in the end, she'll get a little more grown-up about it and deal with her job in confronting her and telling her to get lost! Go away! (Laughs)

    • Lisa (on relationship between her portrayed character Millie and Mouth in "One Tree Hill"): Yeah, of course they have their problems and issues that they have to deal with, but they're so in love with each other that it doesn't matter. I mean Millicent moved to Omaha for Mouth. It's just so fresh and new and innocent and sweet. I think that's what the fans like. I guess we're the role models for the relationship they actually want because it's so perfect.

    • Lisa (on being a regular in "One Tree Hill"): I definitely feel so much more comfortable and I'm having so much more fun on set. Because I feel so part of the family, I feel I can go in and have a good time instead of going in and being like, "Oh my God, I hope they ask me back for the next episode! What am I going to do?" It's so nice that I'm here for the year so I can play around for a bit.

  • Lisa Goldstein is perhaps best known for her portrayal of Millicent Huxtable in The CW television series One Tree Hill, formerly a recurring role, and now a regular.

    Lisa Goldstein is not a well known actress, and One Tree Hill, being only her second credit (Who Do You Love?, being her first) she seems to have shown that you don't have to be new and out of work. That you can be well known for onyl having a few roles until you get a break. Lisa has proved that this is possible, and has delivered many fantastic performances in One Tree Hill as Millicent Huxtable, the girlfriend of Mouth (Lee Norris). Lisa is a fantatsic actress, but hasn't shown much range, seeming that her character hasn't been featured much, but i truley loved the scene where Millicent and Victoria (Daphne Zuniga) sort of had an arguement. I also particlarly enjoyed her performance in the scene with Brooke when she returns.moreless