Lisa Hammer





4/4/1967 , Salem, MA

Birth Name

Lisa Houle



Lisa Hammer has been acting her whole life, whether it's been musical theatre, opera troupes, independent films, video performance art, etc. Lisa got her training at Emerson College and privately, acting in many underground films until she joined the Screen Actor's Guild in 2000, and has been performing small roles in many independent films, like Washington Heights, The Everlasting Gaze, Shallow End, Maldorora and a Little Girl, making cameo appearances on large feature films, such as Marci X, Men In Black II, Changing Lanes, and on network TV shows like Law and Order, Sex and the City, and The Sopranos. She has worked as a stand-in for Nicole Kidman, and was recently hired to do character voice-over work on the new Cartoon Network show The Venture Brothers, playing the prostitute. She is currently preparing to play the lead role in her new film Sweetheart Roland.