Lisa Hartman





6/1/1956 , Houston, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Lisa Hartman




Lisa Hartman's beautiful looks and down to earth persona has kept her on TV and in film since her arrival in Hollywood in the 70s. She has starred in three television series, countless made for TV movies and has produced several movies herself. Music was always Lisa's first passion and after many years of hard work, she earned her place in the music charts by singing with husband Clint Black on two very successful singles, earning them an Academy of Country Music Award for vocal event of the year.

Lisa Hartman was born in Houston, TX. Her mother was an agent and her father was a singer so it was inevitable that Lisa would became interested in show business. At the age of four, she told her mother she was going to be a star. Lisa's main desire was singing. She performed with local rock bands during high school and soon after graduation, she was offered a record contract. Lisa moved to LA when she was just 19 after securing herself a contract with Don Kirschner's record label. She released her self titled debut album in 1976. Within the same year as her recording debut she won the lead role in the ABC sitcom "Tabitha", a spin off of the long running "Bewitched." She also took various roles in film.

Lisa's desire to be a successful recording star was still very strong and she released a one off single "Nobody Likes Lovin More Than I Do" in 1978 followed by the album "Hold On" in 1979. Lisa continued working as an actress as well, taking roles that would allow her to sing as well as act. In 1980 she co-starred in the TV movie "The Great American Traffic Jam" where she played a singer.

In 1982 she was offered the role of Ciji Dunne on the hit nighttime soap "Knots Landing". Lisa had just released her third album "Letterock" and thought the role of singer Ciji would be a perfect vehicle for her to promote her music. The character of Ciji was meant to last one season and was brought to the show to create a murder mystery. At the end of the 1982-1983 season, Ciji was murdered. But Lisa's "Knots Landing" days were far from over.

Lisa's character was so popular she was brought back the following season as Ciji's look a like Cathy Geary. Lisa was thrilled that the producers wanted her back and she returned to the series for three more seasons. She also continued to act and star in TV movies during this time. She won the lead role in "Where The Boys Are '84" a feature film where she also sang the theme song.

Lisa left "Knots Landing" in 1986 to once again pursue her music career. Her fourth album came out in 1988, "Til My Heart Stops" on Atlantic Records. Still Lisa continued to act in a slew of successful TV movies, including the mini series "Roses Are For The Rich" in 1987. In 1991, she starred in no less than five Made for TV movies, the most any actress has made in one year.

Lisa met her husband, country singer Clint Black in 1991 after one of his concerts. They hit it off immediately and were married by the end of the year. Since the marriage, Lisa has continued to act and produce, including a movie the couple did together "Still Holding On." They also recorded two songs together, both which were instant smashes on country radio and video channels.

The couple had daughter Lily, in May 2001. Since the birth of their daughter, Lisa has put her acting career on hold, although her and Clint do touring together.
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