Lisa Jane Persky




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Lisa Jane Persky was born on May 5, 1955 in New York City. She was raised in Greenwich Village and she attended the High School of Art and Design. She made her first major foray into the arts in a theatrical debut at the famed La Mama Experimental Theatre Club. In 1979, she made her film debut in "The Great Santinini," as Robert Duvall's daughter. This began her film career as an often overlooked, but always strong, supporting actress. A familiar face on the big screen, she has also appeared in several TV shows and has written for "Smithsonian Magazine," "L.A. Weekly" and "The Los Angeles Times." She is a founding member of "The New York Rocker" and has had a short story featured in "BOMB" magazine. Her writing and photography have earned attention and acclaim as well as a Print Magazine Award for Design Excellence. She married music producer Andy Zax on January 19, 2008.