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  • Lisa Kudrow is one of the most talented women on TV. She, was one of the greatest, and most hilarious, actors on the hit series, Friends.

    Growing up, I found that Lisa Kudrow was one of the best in Friends and TV. Her crazy and hilarious personality towards Friends made her very popular.

    I used to sit in front of the TV and wait for her to crack up another good one. Her, along with Matthew Perry made many, many jokes that made you laugh until your stomach ached. Without her, Friends wouldn't have made it to where it was, because everyone loved the crazy Pheobe she played. Even though her character on Friends was very naive at times, she actually is a very intelligent woman, making very smart choices in her life.

    'Friends' gives her the popularity and the personna to become one of TV's greatest actresses. Her other projects are also successful, and that is what's making Lisa Kudrow a very talented actress.