Lisa Lampanelli

Lisa Lampanelli


7/19/1961, Trumbull, Connecticut

Birth Name

Lisa Lampugnale


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Lisa Lampanelli, dubbed the 'next Roseanne Barr', burst onto the scene in 2002, when she got an invite to roast Chevy Chase on a Comedy Central special. She was the only female roaster invited. After the Chevy Chase roast, she bacame one of the only white comedians to…more


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    • Lisa: (On why she gave up her journalism career to become a comic) I got sick of making $12 grand a year.

    • Lisa: (On the 2008 presidential field) There's a black guy, right? I don't follow politics. I don't read the newspaper... I'm not even going to vote. Well, I might, so I can cast a vote for a black guy. He's hot. The hottest one should win. It sure ain't Hillary.

    • Lisa: (On the people she would like to get roasted by) Rickles, obviously, hopefully he'll still be around. Arte Lang ... Pat Cooper, all the old school guys. In my fantasy land, Howard Stern -- but he's famous so he doesn't have to do them.

    • Lisa: When I was growing up, I never even watched stand-ups, so I didn't even know how it was done. But I watched those Dean Martin roasts on NBC and I thought that's what comedy really was— like it was all people standing around making fun of each other without anybody getting pissed off.

    • Lisa: (On Donald Trump's hair) What do you say to a barber to get a haircut like that? 'I f---ed your daughter?'

    • Lisa: I am not a typical woman, anyway. I have a hugely male, masculine side. I always curse. I always like to be one of the guys. I'm that chick you'll invite to a bachelor party, but not to strip.

    • Lisa: (On who she would like to roast) People who take themselves too seriously to ever actually be roasted, like Tom Cruise. Or Oprah -- I'd love to get my hands on that bitch.

    • Lisa: If I could roast Don Rickles or have him roast me, I'd die happy.

    • Lisa: I was a real journalist for Rolling Stone, Spy, Hit Parader. I interviewed those ******' hair bands: Cinderella, Slaughter. They were dumb as a post.

    • problem is, I can't get a good-looking white guy anymore, I just don't have the looks to get that. I can get hot blacks but also, blacks are now starting to get uppity and go for the skinny white ones and the Asians, which is very offensive to me that they don't stick with their roots—the chubby white girl!

    • Lisa Lampanelli: (On why she quit teaching) I ... can't stand kids. Wait, let me rephrase that: I like kids, as long as they're my relatives and I only have to see them for short periods of time.

    • Lisa Lampanelli: It is fun to make fun of everybody!

  • Queen of Mean?

    Lisa Lampanelli is so over rated. Why is it she is always in those lame celebrity roast shows? I guess it is because they are lame and need lame comedians. Or is it that the shows are lame because she is in them? Anyway she calls herself the Queen of Mean but she really just isn't funny. All she does in insult people. Don't get me wrong, I love to see people get insulted, but she could at least try to be funny when she does it. Like you can't just say Paris Hilton is a slut and be funny.... we all know she's a slut already! Every one of her awful insult jokes makes me groan, they're so predictable and unfunny. She reminds me of one of the many awful Video on Trial judges who just sit there and make obvious statements and think they're funny. I'd like to see her go up against one of the good Video on Trial judges in an insult contest, I bet she would cry.moreless
  • When will these one-gear comedians actually do something?

    Lisa Lampanelli is the angry sailor you never knew, and don't want to be. She seems to think there aren't enough bitter people out there. I don't know, but someone having a chip on your shoulder never made me laugh too much. She thinks she's Don Rickles. The fact that she has a lopsided smile through half of the show puzzles me-- what is she happy about? You've got to pity comedians who are mad at people who don't like their act. It's hard to show other people the light at the end of the tunnel when you don't think there is any. Any comedian whose idea is to make other people feel bad is heading for trouble.moreless