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  • Just Amazing

    Left Eye was so amazing. She added so much to TLC and music. She truly touched her fans. Her new album Eye Legacy is amazing and it has really great tracks on there. It really represents Lisa and she has really great featured artists on there. Everyone should pick it up and carry on her legacy. I just remember being younger and seeing videos of TLC on TV. They had such great energy and most of that energy I associate with Left Eye. She was such an essential part of the groups success. So go and pick up Eye Legacy and help Lisa's music live on.
  • Lisa you'll always be missed. No one could ever replace you, and no one will ever try.

    Lisa was a remarkable rapper, trendsetter,and overall great human being. Lisa what can I say, you were an amazing person. People talk about other stars, and their deaths, like they are way more important than others. That makes me upset. Lisa died a horrible death, in that car accident and she will forever be missed. We ALL Love You Lisa!!!! I along with all of the TLC fans will always hold a place for Lisa and the TLC group, in our hearts. After hearing about the accident....I don't think anyone could hold back their tears. Lisa was beyond just music, she was caring, focused and religious....and I know that she made a great and positive transition, after her death. "Peace"
  • She was talented! And a great person.

    Lisa was a spiritual woman. She did good for the people of Honduras. Although crazy, with the burning down of her boyfriends house. She was just wonderful. She was ona trip in honduras with her brother Ronald, sister Raina, her cousin Jasmine, and the girls from the girl group Lisa was mentoring, Egypt, When she died in a car crash. Her cousin had left a week before after the first accident. The first accident was when her assitant(who was also on the trip) was driving a car that some of them were in, including Lisa and her cousin. They accidently ran over aliitle boy who was walking across the street with his family. It was dark so they didn't see him. The boy died the next day. Lisa believed there was a curse, that bad things would always follow her.