Lisa Leslie

Lisa Leslie


7/7/1972, Gardena, California

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Lisa Leslie


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Lisa Leslie is one of the original WNBA players. Her successful basketball career was fostered since she was in middle school. Due to her excellence she was the Gatorade Girls Basketball National Player of the Year in high school. At USC (University of Southern California), she was a…more


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    • Lisa: (On being chosen to play on the U.S. Olympic team)It's an amazing thing to represent your country like this, knowing you've stayed on top of your game and are among the top players in the world. It's great to represent your city and state in the WNBA, but to put on the red, white and blue ... I'm proud to say I'm an American and to be able to play for my country for this long.

    • Lisa: (On whether or not she will play in the 2008 Olympic Games)I feel I'm young enough, and that I haven't peaked as a player. But it's hard for me to think about suiting up without Dawn and Sheryl. When there was a question as to whether Sheryl would play due to her knee problems, I literally ran over and hugged her when I saw her at the airport. I just told myself that everything was definitely going to be alright with her there.