Lisa Loeb

Lisa Loeb


3/11/1968, Bethesda, Maryland (USA)

Birth Name

Lisa Anne Loeb


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • She can speak Spanish fluently.

    • She is 5' 2" tall.

    • Lisa reunited with her old friend and college roomie, Elizabeth Mitchell to make a children's music album titled Catch the Moon. The music is a mixture of old traditional favorites and new originals.

    • Lisa signed a new deal with Artemis, after being dropped from A&M, for the terrible sales of Cake and Pie. Lisa re-launched the album in 2002, with a new cover and title, Hello Lisa. The artwork featured Sanrio's signature 'Hello Kitty'.

    • Lisa's track 'We Could Still be Together' was included on the soundtrack for Legally Blonde.

    • Lisa dropped the name of her supporting band in 1997, just going with Lisa Loeb from then on.

    • Lisa took a five year break from recording, and spent time with then-boyfriend Dweezil Zappa, traveling. She resurfaced in 2002 with her third offering and first album with A&M records, titled Cake and Pie. She co-produced it and worked with a list of impressive artists, including Vince Gill, Sawyer Brown, Waylon Jennings, Dweezil Zappa, and The Indigo Girls.

    • Lisa toured with The Wallflowers and Chris Isaak, as well as performed with the ladies of Lilith Fair in the summer of 1997.

    • Lisa is a vegetarian with a love of gourmet foods and wines.

    • Lisa released her debut album Tails in 1995 with Geffen Records. It was well-received by commercial radio stations, and fans loved it.

    • Lisa signed with Geffen Records in 1994, and they re-teamed her with former manager Juan Patino.

    • Lisa and her band Nine Stories received a Grammy nomination for 'Best Pop Performance by a Group' and won a Brit Award for 'Best International New Comer'.

    • Lisa's big break happened when her good friend and neighbor, Ethan Hawke passed a casette of her music on to the director of the movie he was starring in. The director (Ben Stiller) took a liking to 'Stay' and put it onto the Reality Bites soundtrack.

    • Lisa remained unsigned as of 1993, despite the fact that several major labels were soliciting for her to sign on with them.

    • Lisa had developed a large fan following from her solo performances on the New York coffee house circuit. She had teamed up with a new producer, longtime boyfriend Juan Patino to release an audio casette of her acoustic performances, called The Purple Tape only sold at her live shows.

    • Lisa went on to attend Boston's Berklee School of Music for one semester, but dropped out to pursue her music career, forming a band that she called 'Nine Stories' in 1990. The band name was a tribute to her favorite author J.D. Salinger.

    • Lisa and Elizabeth Mitchell released an album called Liz and Lisa before embarking upon their careers separately.

    • Lisa studied music at Brown University and hooked up with a roommate who shared her interest in starting up a band. Elizabeth Mitchell and Lisa formed a band, with fellow Brown classmate and future music star Duncan Sheik on guitar.

    • Lisa studied piano as a child, but later switched her interests and lessons to guitar.

    • Lisa is the first unsigned artist to top the Amercan charts. Her single 'Stay' spent three weeks at #1, and sold over 750,000 copies.

    • Her glasses aren't a fashion accessory. She told Seventeen magazine that "if you can't see and you can't wear contacts, then you wear glasses. My glasses are a normal and real part of me. I would be putting on an act if I DIDN'T wear them."

    • Lisa starred on the E! reality series, #1 Single, which entails her trials and tribulations in the dating world.

    • Lisa's album The Very Best of Lisa Loeb was released January 24, 2006.

  • Quotes

  • Lisa Loeb is an average actor.

    All I know about her is that she voiced Mary Jane Watson in the show "Spider-Man(2003.)" I think she did a great job voicing her, but it wasn't anything special. Even though I think that anyone could have voiced her, I prefer her voicing MJ. She has a great voice and should appear more, though. She is talented, but I believe she could do a little bit better. She is underused, as well. Overall, while she isn't the best, I believe that she is a great actor.