Lisa Loring





2/16/1958 , Kwajalein, Marshall Islands

Birth Name

Lisa Ann DeCinces




Lisa Loring is most commonly remembered as Wednesday Addams on the original "The Addams Family". Unfortunately her personal life has been more colorful than the character of Wednesday. Lisa was a navy brat born February 16, 1958 in the Pacific island of Kwajalein. In 1960 her parents divorced and she moved with her mother to Los Angeles. She was modeling at age three and even starting appearing in episodes of television shows like "Dr. Kildare." In 1964 she had her big break and won the role of Wednesday Thursday Addams. She could not even well enough to read the script, but the part was hers.

When the Addams Family ended, Lisa's life went down hill. She was married to Farretll Foumberg in 1973. In 1974 she had given birth the first her two daughters, (Vanessa and Marianne). 1974 was a difficult time in Lisa's life. She became a single divorced mother. Her own mother would not be able to help her out. Her mother had a long history of alcoholism. That year her mother passed away from complications this chronic problem.

In 1981, Lisa began to turn things around. She joined the cast of "As The World Turns" and played Cricket Montgomery for four years. At that time she met her second husband, Doug Stevenson. That married ended in divorce in 1983. Lisa frustrated with her career turned for a brief time to the porn industry. This was to head her into her darkest period. During this time she met her third husband Paul Siederman (Jerry Bulter (porn star) on the set of Traci's Big Trick (1987). They were married that year 1987 and divorced in 1992. The industry exposed her to drugs and she became addicted. After her divorce from Paul, she examined her life carefully. She was exactly the age of her mother when her mother died as a result of drug abuse. She did not want to follow her mother's steps. She entered rehab and cleaned herself up. As of 2002, Lisa is healthy, and happy reportedly working in public relations for a hotel chain. She sometimes gets time to tour the United States for "The Addams Family" conventions where she enjoys signing autographs and meeting fans across the country.