Lisa Marie Varon

Lisa Marie Varon


2/10/1971, San Bernardino, California, USA

Birth Name

Lisa Marie Sole



Also Known As

Queen Victoria, Victoria, H.B.I.C.
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Lisa Marie Varon is an American female bodybuilder, fitness competitor and professional wrestler. She is a has been with the World Wrestling Entertainment since the year 2000 she is known by her wrestling ring name Victoria. And has held the WWE womens Championship 2 times. After being with…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • one of the best women wrestlers EVER!

    i hate the way wwe uses victoria today. she's now on smackdown away from the women's title. well she could get the crusier weight title but i doubt wwe will give her a good story or lengthy title reign. maybe she could be the first female united states champion! lets not get our hopes of seeing the next chyna. when victoria entered the wwe i thought she would become an extremly dominate diva. she did but wwe refuses to use her anymore. i bet they think she's old and no one wants her as champion. there wrong and i would love to see her with gold again. women's, crusier, or us, hey even amybe the big gold belt!moreless
  • She is very underused.

    I think Victoria is very underused. She has a lot more wrestling ablity than most divas, and she should be a very high consideration for the WWE Women's champion. She has always been a good fighter since she came into the business a few years ago. I don't understand why WWE doesn't let her hold the title very much, hopefully the rest of her career they use her right.