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Lisa McCune

Lisa McCune


2/19/1971, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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Lisa McCune


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Graduating from Western Australian Performing Arts (WAPA) in 1992, Lica McCune trained as a classical singer, but leant towards acting in the early part of her career.

She missed out on Annie Jones' part in the series "Newlyweds" and used to sing backup in various bands before…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Her husband is film technician Tim Disney. They met on 'Blue Heelers' where he used to work as a props handler during the show's early years. They started out as good friends, before starting to date in 1996. They married in an outdoor ceremony at Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia, on 18th February 2000, the day before Lisa's 29th birthday.

    • In September 2006, the death of Lisa's character 'Maggie Doyle' in Blue Heelers was listed at #17 in TV Week's 'Top 50 most memorable moments on Australian television' list.

    • Lisa appeared as Hope Cladwell in MTC's production of "Urinetown" at the Playhouse Theatre in 2004.

    • Lisa McCune was the face in a series of Coles Supermarkets advertisements for twelve-months in 1991; she is now once again the face on most of Coles Supermarkets advertisements.

    • Lisa's daughter, Remy, was born on June 15th, 2005.

    • Lisa's second son, Oliver, was born in November 2003.

  • Quotes

    • (About Sea Patrol)
      Lisa: It was incredibly physical and demanding, being at sea every day for six weeks, jumping on and off speedboats

    • Lisa: (on her career choices) I think I make brave choices and tackle stuff other people wouldn't. I ideally want to make good drama and I look at what Claudia Karvan's done and that's definitely a career I'd love to follow.

    • Lisa: (on her popularity) While the arts and entertainment are vitally important to the community, it's not like I'm saving lives. I don't get overexcited about that stuff, when things work and people say nice things about me.

    • Lisa McCune: I mean, who needs a relationship in your life when you get to work with Martin Sacks and have that on-screen relationship?

  • Lisa McCune is a great Australian actress.

    When I first saw Lisa McCune it was in Blue Heelers. She was great then. She definitely had the talents to pull of her police woman character on Blue Heelers. She is well deserving of the awards she has. She was back in the Coles commercials and then onto Sea Patrol. Her talent quickly shows on a show where technical jargon is spouted ever 5 seconds. Lisa makes herself look like she has always been in the navy she is so great. Her blonde hair makes her stick out above the rest. Truly. She is also a mother of three, which is very admirable. trying to hold down a family and a career is hard to do even for the big wigs in Hollywood.moreless
  • Talented Actor

    Lisa Mccune is a really talented actor who has stared in many shows. like blue heelers. she will be staring in sea patrol soon. in a couple of months. and i cant wait to watch it. Its all about boats. water. and its supposed to be a big hit. the only thing is that its on channel 9. there are not many shows that are on channel 9. really. i wish blue heelers wasnt axed because it was a great show. and will always be remembered. she shouldnt have left the show (blue heelers). because it went better and better as time went on!moreless