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  • Out of all the 4kids Voice Actors/Actress, she's one of the few exceptions that has done great.

    A great voice actress who has done Lina Inverse (Slayers, even though I haven't watched it yet), Serenity Wheeler (Yu-Gi-Oh!), (Mindy/Momo)/(Elemental Hero Burstinatrix/E-Hero Burst Lady)/(Sara/Yasmin)/Linda/(Blair Flannigan/Rei Saotome)(Season 1)/The Maiden In Love (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX), Musa/Icy the Witch (Winx Club, even though I don't watch the show), Roxanne/Rinko Nikaido (Ultimate Muscle), Amy Rose (Sonic X and the Sonic Game Franchise),... pretty much most of her roles she's done. As Tony Tony Chopper, well it was okay, but it had some damage by fans of One Piece. And as Blair Flannigan in the last bit of Season 2/Season 3 & 4, this actually sucked. It sounds more sexy like than cute like. I mean she's 13 (11, thanks to the jerks of 4kids Entertainment) for crying out loud. I mean, what happened to your same tone like Mindy & Serenity Wheeler? Well anyways, she's a great voice actress.
  • A great voice actress

    What can i say about Lisa. well for starters she is one of the best voice actors that work for 4kids. she has many roles and does each them well. She was great as serenity wheeler in yugioh she palyed the part well. she also does a great job with her roles in yugioh gx as mindy as well as blair flannigan. she does a great job in every role she is in. she did the voice for injection fairy lily in yugioh the movie (i think). she is very talented and should be awared with more roles in more shows. cool chris out
  • I may hate most of the 4Kids VAs in the Sonic universe, but this one is an exception in some ways.

    I actually find her Amy voice kinda cute, in some times it's annoying but so was the last voice, I think both voices fit Amy well. I also like her roles as many other characters she voiced, like Majorika on Ojamajo Doremi, Serenity Wheeler on Yu-Gi-Oh! and Icy on Winx (even though I hate that show). The only voice I don't like is her voice as Tony Tony Chopper, It wasn't horrible, but it was not truely appropriate for the character. Other then that I have liked near all the voices she has done, one of the few good voice overs from 4Kids.
  • While she isn't the top favorite of the Japanese Sub lovers, Lisa Ortiz's performance as Lina Inverse in Slayers made her my favorite voice actress.

    Lisa Ortiz just created the character Lina Inverse so vividly! While Megumi Hayashibara (the Japanese voice for Lina Inverse) is hard to beat, Lisa Ortiz, along with the rest of the cast of Slayers gave life to the series, making it my favorite DUBBED show.

    I can't bring myself to give her a perfect score with her career overall, but I would give her a ten, just for her performance on Slayers. The only problem is her tendency to sound exactly the same from one voice to the next. Fluctuating her voice is not her specialty, to put it bluntly.

    Nevertheless, she is and will remain one of my personal favorite voice actresses for as long as I hold a love for Japanese Animation.
  • Lisa is an amazing voice actress and an even cooler chick!

    Lisa Ortiz is one of the greatest gifts ever given to voice acting. She has created amazing roles and is super highly respected by her peers as well as by all her multitudes of fans. From her appearance in\\\'s Barbarian Moron, all the way to her playing Nanaka Nakatomi in Magic Users Club, she has been brilliant!