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  • Her performance on That '70s Show was below average and her problem with drugs made it even worse.

    A lot of people give to Lisa Robin Kelly that she's extremely hot. And I'll agree, she's pretty, I'll give her that. But her acting was pretty bad on That '70s Show as Laurie Forman, the annoying bratty sister of the main character, Eric Forman. She was supposed to play the role of the s|utty sister. I'll give her that, I've never seen someone act so much like a wh0re in my lifetime of watching television. Her general acting skills were poor, though, and the fact that she was having problems with drugs only made it worse, as That '70s Show fired her. Sources say that the show gave her a second chance before the firing. They let her stay for a month at a health clinic to get her off drugs, but the final straw was when they found her passed out due to drug overdose. I thought the firing was great. I didn't like the replacement that they added a few seasons later, who didn't even stay very long. They should of just found someone other than Kelly in the first place.
  • lisa robin kelly is not only beautiful, but she's also really talented and quite funny

    i know lisa robin kelly from that '70s show, the 1st and better laurie. she was not only beautiful but she was also very funny with eric and her parents. i don't know why they replaced for that christina moore! i really think lisa robin kelly has a lot of talent!