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    • On the performance front, her versatile talents extend beyond the acting arena into play writing. Ryder has written and co-written a number of stage plays including "Baggage", "Panting of the Victors", and a one-woman show entitled "Put Me Away".

    • Her stage credits include such productions as

    • Insignificance
    • Possible Worlds
    • Macbeth
  • She has starred in more than 25 stage plays.

  • She has starred in more than 25 stage plays.

  • She appeared in a recurring role on the Canadian television program "The Newsroom" by CBC-TV.

  • She studied jazz dance at Toronto's Metro Movement and the Improv at Second City.

  • She graduated from the University of Toronto Drama program in 1992 and has also trained with numerous prominent drama instructors.

  • She has studied ballet at the Edmonton School of Ballet

  • She has one sister, two stepsisters, and two stepbrothers.

  • Lisa was once arrested at an Andromeda convention by "Klingons."

  • She used to work as a "standardized patient" for med students.

  • Her hobbies are biking, reading, hiking, and yoga.

  • Her favorite movies are " Blade Runner ", " The Sound of Music " and " Rear Window ".

  • Her favorite TV shows were Alias and The West Wing.

  • Lisa's favorite color is blue.

  • Her height is 5'8½''(1.73 m).

  • Quotes

    • Reporter: What was it like to work with a half naked James Marsters?
      Lisa Ryder: How did you know he was half naked?!?

    • (On working with the special effects on Andromeda)
      Lisa Ryder: Sometimes you just feel so lame. It's just like "I'm afraid of a green screen!"

    • Reporter: Did you find it difficult playing a lesbian in Blackheart?
      Lisa Ryder: Being a lesbian with Maria Conchita Alonso... No it wasn't difficult.

    • Reporter: If you could guest star on any show, what would it be?
      Lisa: Bewitched.

    • ( Speaking of Andromeda)
      Reporter: What kind of practical jokes have been pulled on set?
      Lisa Ryder: I think by now, everyone knows about the Magog poo. Every time Brent would squat down to rest his legs, one of the camera guys would slip the poo underneath him.

    • (Speaking of Andromeda cast)
      Reporter: Who are the "jokers"?
      Lisa: Kevin for gag-reel worthy jokes, Gord Woolvett for one-liners.

    • Reporter: What was the oddest thing a fan has ever sent you?
      Lisa: A bottle of barbeque sauce.

    • Reporter: What was the coolest thing a fan has ever sent you?
      Lisa: Actually, at GenCon, this lovely lady came up to me and presented me with a cow. I don't know if it's "cool" per se but it's incredibly cute.

    • Reporter: Do you speak any foreign languages?
      Lisa: A little French and am slowly working on Spanish.

    • Reporter: Do you plan on doing more stage work again? Like in Toronto, or here in Vancouver?
      Lisa: I don't have any immediate plans to do stage work. But I want to. I'm dying to, actually, get back into theatre.

    • Reporter: Have you ever lived the life of a "starving artist"? If so, did you ever have any sort of odd jobs to help you along the way?
      Lisa: God, yes, have had many periods of starving artistness. Used to be a "Standardized Patient" to train doctors.

    • Reporter: What does it feel like to have a fan club?
      Lisa: Funny. Flattering. Odd.

    • Reporter: How old are you?
      Lisa: I'm not answering!

    • RepoterWhich would you prefer to do more of, theatre, tv, or movies?
      Lisa: I would like to have a lovely mix of them all. I would prefer to have, you know, steady cash from film and tv. But I'd like to do more stage work.

    • Reporter: Have you any pets?
      Lisa: No. I'm horribly allergic to cats, which breaks my heart.