Lisa Stansfield

Lisa Stansfield


4/11/1966, Manchester, England

Birth Name

Lisa Jane Stansfield


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Born Lisa Jane Stansfield to Keith and Marion Stansfield on April 11, 1966, Lisa was raised in a house full of music. Her mum listening to such Motown greats as Barry White, The Supremes, Marvin Gaye and others. Lisa sang constantly as a child as did her older…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • At her residence in Dublin, Ireland, Lisa's next door neighbor is Bono of U2.

    • At the age of 19, Lisa Stansfield was briefly married (6 months) to Italian designer, Augusto Grassi and lived on the Italian countryside.

    • Lisa has two dogs: Turnip and Doleen.  According to Lisa, Doleen (the smaller dog) likes to sleep on Turnip's back.

    • Lisa's debut album Affection was made using an 8 track tape recorder.

    • Lisa's lifelong idol was Barry White. The two met and performed her All Around The World hit on the video Real Life in 1992.

    • Lisa's sister Karen, who sings just like her, was featured as her double at her 1992 Wembley concert.

    • Lisa's favorite brand of cigarettes is the UK brand, "Silk Cut."

    • Lisa has three cats: Titkat, Apple and Baby Kong.

    • Lisa's favorite movie of all time is Now Voyager starring Bette Davis.

    • Lisa and her husband, Ian Devaney, own a recording studio in Rochdale, UK. It's called "Gracieland," a parody of Elvis' Graceland and also in honor of the first star of Rochdale during WWII, Gracie Fields.

    • Lisa has the nickname "Peanut head." During the late 80s/early 90s, she sported many a poorboy cap, which had to be taken in to fit her unusually small head.

  • Quotes

    • Lisa: I'm proud to be a woman. I feel a lot stronger, a lot sexier and I think that all of that is reflected in my music.

    • Lisa Stansfield: (Reflecting on growing up) One of the first things I remember is my mum doing the housework to The Supremes. When you hear music like that when you're young, it stays with you.