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  • She deserved to at least get 3rd place on American Idol.

    Lisa Tucker is an amazing singer. She's awesome. She is best known as getting 10th place on American Idol Season 5. She was only 16 and she had an incredible voice. I wanted her to at least get 3rd place, but she was eliminated way to early. Even though she didn't do that good on Kelly Clarkson's Because of You, she still deserved to stay on. I saw her on an episode of Zoey 101 called Michael Loves Lisa. It was a great episode, but I never see it on TV. Lisa was also on the show called the OC.
  • Lisa should have stayed in A.I. longer!

    I find her very, very talented! I believe she should have won 5th or 4rth place in the season 5 American Idol contest! I wonder if she\'ll earn more publicity? She\'s soooo amazing! W00ts for the \"Mighty Tucks!\"

    Hmmm, what else can i say?

    She\'s GREAT! She\'s TALENTED! She sings AWESOME!
  • Amazing.

    Lisa Tucker is an amazing 17 year old girl from Anaheim, California. She was on Star Search as a contestant. Although she didn\'t win, she still hopes to win the votes of America, as she auditions for American Idol. She made it as far as th top 10. She had numerous great performances, but she chose the wrong song the week she got the boot. She still hopes to be a great singer and only sees American Idol as a stepping stone for her singing career. She is just a normal liek you and me. Likes to hang out with friends and do normal things. She will always be, my American Idol.
  • Lisa Tucker-- Just from seeing her on American Idol, I knew she was beautiful, young, talented, and THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!

    I just loved Lisa! When she kept getting in the bottom three and finally voted off, I was thinking, "What has the world come to? We find a star singer and we're booting her off?" Sadly, I had to transfer my support to Paris Bennett and Katharine McPhee, who were good singers, but didn't seem to show as much enthusiasm as Lisa did. I hope she makes a CD or something, because I'd definitely buy it! This seasno on American Idol surprised me. The people who should have won got voted off. The people who should have gotten voted off won. It's a crazy world.
  • Lisa should not have been booted, I had her in the top three.

    Lisa was very good.16 year's old she has tallent that reaches beyond age groups. She was simply not a fan person for what ever the reason we allow the judges to not be the judge. Why do we allow this tallent to be discredited. Give me a break with bucky.

    Why should she win American Idol? Because she IS an American Idol. I mean come on looks, personality, and a great voice all at the age of 16. I want her to win so bad. She is my absolute favorite. The rest of them are good but not like her.