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  • Simply Gorgeous

    After becoming an actress almost by accident in her early 30s, Lisa Raye has gone on to become a lauded presence in black television and cinema. Her breakthrough performances in The Players Club (1998) and The Wood (1999) were soon topped in Civil Brand (2002) and Gang of Roses (2003). Meanwhile, she's been a mainstay on TV's Source: All Access, and the UPN sitcom All of Us.

    A fiery and independent personality, Lisa Raye has occasionally been taken to task for the friction between her and other celebrities; but with her good looks, jaw-dropping physique, and distinctive style, such troubles don't seem so surprising.

    Nevertheless, while Lisa Raye is often the victim of the Hollywood rumor mill -- especially when it comes to her personal life -- she remains a caring and devoted single mother, in addition to being a multi-talented entertainer.