Little Big Town




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When you think about a band Little Big Town does not fit in that definition, they don't have one lead singer since they are all capable of singing lead and their voices blend very well together. Also on most of their songs Jimi Westbrook and Phillip Sweet are the only accompaniment on their guitars.

The band first started with Kimberly Roads and Karen Fairchild. They began singing together at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. Fairchild was first to move to Nashville in 1994, with Roads following a year later. They invited Jimi Westbrook who was a friend of Fairchild to accompany them on guitar and sing with them, in 1998 he moved to Nashville. Phillip Sweet they met through one of Fairchild's co-writers in 1998 who solidified the quartet.

They secured a contract with Mercury Records. In 1999 they made their public debut on the Grand Ole Opry. But the Mercury deal fell apart. They signed with Sony's Monument Records but after their debut album in 2002 they were dropped.

A lot happened in their personal lives. Westbrook's father died. Sweet and Fairchild both divorced, and Roads' husband Steven died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Even though the band didn't quit everyone but Roads went back to a day job.

Wayne Kirkpatrick who is a songwriter offered to pay for them to do a new recording. In 2005 they released their second album "The Road to Here" with the help of Equity Records which is co-owned by Clint Black.

Phillip is from Cherokee Village, and five words he uses to describe himself are caring, passionate, eccentric, strong and oblivious.

Karen is from Atlanta, Georgia, and five words she uses to describe herself are mysterious, careful, loving, intense, hard-working.

Jimi is from Sumiton, Alabama, and five words he uses to describe himself are mischievous, compassionate, spiritual, goofy, stubborn.

Kimberly is from Cornelia, Georgia and five words she uses to describe herself are southern, nurturing, playful, peace-keeping, nervous.