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    • Phillip: We all like to kid around with each other on the bus but Jimi is the true "class clown" so to speak. It's hard to remember them all, but one time Jimi hid our bass player's guitar from him 'til minutes before we went on stage. He got the bass just in time and the show went on. We have a great vibe, we love to have fun and never take ourselves too seriously. Jimi always reminds us of that and it keeps the atmosphere light and fun.

    • Kimberly: (What she misses while on the road) I really miss my critters. I have a precious black lab named Buck and three cats. I miss playing fetch with my dog and just hanging out with my cats. I also miss my kitchen because I love to cook! Oddly enough, I love cleaning my house, that's another thing I miss when I'm traveling. Everyone on the bus indulges me when I get out the bottle of 409 cleaner and start going to town on the bathroom and kitchen counters on the bus.

    • Jimi: From the very first time we got together and hit that first chord, it felt right. From that moment, we've believed in our abilities and in our singing together. It always felt like family. It IS family.