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Livinia Nixon


3/19/1975, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Livinia Nixon


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Livinia Nixon's television career began while she was at University studying for her Commerce Arts Degree (majoring in Marketing and Chinese). The eve of her final exams was the first day of filming on "The Comedy Channel" with Glenn Robbins and Marty Sheargold

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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2007 Livinia and boyfriend James Righetti announced their break-up. The couple remain friends.

    • Livinia majored in Marketing and Chinese when she was studying at Melbourne University for her Commerce Arts Degree. Later, she went back and did a course in horticulture, and in 2004 she completed a graduate diploma in Applied Science at the university.

    • Livinia competed in the 1998 and 2000 Australian F1 Grand Prix Celebrity Races. In 1998 she failed to finish, while in 2000 she finished last after qualifying 14th out of 27.

    • Livinia regularly undertakes various Master of Ceremonies and Guest Presenter roles.

    • Livinia presented the weather on National Nine News during the 2002/2003 holiday season, and was appointed full-time weather presenter early in 2004.

    • In 2001, Livinia hosted the Children's Christmas Concert that preceded Nine's legendary Carols By Candlelight.

    • During the 1990s, Livinia co-hosted a morning, then drive time shift on Melbourne radio station MIX-FM.

    • In 2000, Livinia began reporting Victoria's tourism highlights in the show Postcards. Livinia produced a lot of her own stories and, ultimately, hosted the series. This brought her to the attention of the Executive Producer of That's Melbourne. Livinia hosted this series and the TV special, Melbourne - Secrets of the City. Locally, Livinia is well-known as "the face of Melbourne", as she continues to promote the city on television advertisements.

    • As part of Livinia's role on Hey Hey It's Saturday, she got to interview international names such as Matt Le Blanc, Gary Oldman, Jamie Lee Curtis, Drew Carey, Heather Graham, Martin Sheen, Rob Lowe and Brooke Shields.

    • In the 1980s, Livinia hosted the children's program, Plucka's Place.

    • The eve of Livinia's final uni exams was the first day of filming on The Comedy Channel.

    • Livinia loves cricket and follows Australia.

    • Livinia is a keen follower of Australian Rules football and is an avid Richmond fan.

    • Livinia drives a silver Subaru Impreza (as at 2006)

    • Livinia began modelling while still at school.

    • Livinia attended Lauriston Girls School, Armadale, Victoria.

    • Livinia's family consists of: Mother: Helen (Accountant); Father: Kevin (Real Estate Agent); Brother: Anthony (Born 1971); Brother: David (Born 1973).

    • Livinia is fluent in Mandarin.

    • Livinia has made many appearances with mayor John So in tourism promotions for the city of Melbourne, Australia.

    • Livinia's nickname is Livvo.

    • Livinia competed in the 1998 Australian F1 Grand Prix Celebrity Race but did not finish, after crashing out.

    • Livinia is an ambassador for World Vision.

    • Livinia loves to travel and has visited Japan, China, Africa, and back-packed through America, Europe, Finland and Estonia.

    • Livinia is an ambassador for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

    • Livinia's first film role was in 2004 as 'Celeste Sky', a television presenter, in Jimeoin's feature film, The Extra.

    • In 2000, Livinia was reporting Victoria's tourism highlights in the show Postcards. She produced her own stories and, ultimately, hosted the series.

  • Quotes

    • Livinia: (asked if contestants ever get upset at losing on "Temptation") We had a contestant kick a few chairs in anger on the way out once, and everyone in the audience went, "Woooooo", like a bunch of six-year olds. It was great. We've also had two contestants gang up on a third and there have been words exchanged backstage.

    • Livinia: (on travelling to Scotland) We stayed in a haunted castle and had a seance. Then we went to St Andrews and played gold, and that was on my personal list of things to do. Before the show, we went into production and we all sat down with our "top five" lists, and coming in at number three on mine was playing golf at St Andrews. I nearly cried when I was on the tee!

    • Livinia: (on the perks of working on "Things To Try Before You Die") It's amazing. They ring us and we're staggered at the things we're doing. It's such a fantastic job - but there is a sownside. I mean, people don't want to hear about this, but I flew to Scotland for three days [laughs]...

    • Livinia: (on travelling for "Things To Try Before You Die") I actually woke up in my own bed the other day and went, "Where am I?" It took me a good minute to work out where I was! Isn't that tragic?

    • Livinia: (where she has traveled to for "Things To Try Before You Die") The show is actually broken down into countries or regions, so we've done the UK, the Middle East, New Zealand, America... Jules (Lund) is in Africa shooting at the moment, and I head off on Monday. We're also doing Australia, China and France.

    • Livinia: (on her new show "Things To Try Before You Die") I think the title sums it up beautifully. When Eddie (McGuire) rang me and told me what it was called, straightaway I went, "Um, yes...I'm in!" It almost doesn't need explaining: it's all the things in the world that you've always really, really wanted to do...

    • Livinia: (her fondest Christmas memory) The anticipation of racing my two brothers to the Christmas tree. If I was even one minute behind, they would've ripped the wrapping off my presents, just to compare gifts!

    • Livinia: (on the best Christmas present she's ever received) My mum gave me a plane ticket to Japan when I was 18. A present like that is priceless, but perhaps I should have been concerned that it was a one-way ticket!

    • Livinia: If I get stressed and tired then I'm not really myself. But that's so rare and I know when it's coming on and I just take a bit more time for myself and do things that I want to do.

    • Livinia: (on her name) I wish I had a dollar for every time I've spelt it out. I do like it because it's unusual. I think it's quite a romantic-sounding name. In true Aussie fashion, it's been abbreviated to Livvo and I've been called that all my life.

    • Livinia: (on living in Melbourne) I love exploring different parts of the world, but there's a difference between travelling and living somewhere, isn't there? I could live somewhere else, but not for a long time. I'm very settled here and I'm very happy here.

    • Livinia: Once I finished school, I honestly didn't know what I wanted to do, so I went to uni and thought that would give me four years to think about it. I studied commerce/ arts so I was heading towards getting into international trade, hence the language, and we did lots of Chinese business law and contract law and things like that. But, unfortunately, I've only used it once. I went to Beijing for a week and used my Chinese then.

    • Livinia: (on watching Sale of the Century, now Temptation, as a child) I've got two older brothers and we'd have a ruler each and we'd bang it on the coffee table as our buzzer and it was on for young and old.

    • Livinia: I walk my dog every day, go cycling, do yoga and take the stairs instead of the lift. I find going to the gym quite boring, so I prefer to incorporate excercise into my daily life.

    • Livinia: (why her parents called her Livinia) It means "woman of Rome". My great-grandmother was from the Swiss-Italian border, so it's a lovely link to the past.

    • Livinia: (on her relationship with Temptation host, Ed Phillips) We've been friends for eight years, and it is possible for guys and girls to be just friends.

    • Livinia: (her favourite contestant on Temptation) Our first grand champ, Brigid, will always be really special. I sat next to her in make-up - she was just so delighted to have her hair and make-up done! She came on to win money so she could spend more time with her daughter, and now she's pregnant again.