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    • Liz often writes for TV with a partner, Vanessa Place.

    • Liz quite literally wears her homosexuality on her sleeve. The first time she met Director/Proucer Sam Raimi, she wore a Queer Nation sticker on her leather jacket. "I took the strategy in my life early on that I was going to be as out as I possibly could." Being out, Friedman says, "takes away something that people can use against you as a weapon."

    • Liz got her job as production assistant for Sam Raimi after she mailed her sociology thesis "A Feminist and Class-Based Analysis of Slasher Films" to various horror film producers, including him. In her thesis, Liz praises horror films for having strong female characters.

    • When asked why Gabrielle mostly walked while Xena rode a horse, Liz explained that horses cost a lot, and that they had to use three different horses to play Xena's horse Argo, and presumably would need three more to play Gabrielle's steed. So they decided to say that Gabrielle disliked riding to save money that would be better spent elsewhere.

    • Liz's favorite Xena episode is "Callisto" from the first season.

    • Liz's favorite line from Patton is, "It's not about dying for your country, it's about making the other bastard die for his". She twisted this concept in the Xena episode "To Helicon and Back", having Gabrielle forced into leading the Amazons in battle.

    • Liz's favorite disclaimer for a Xena episode didn't make it past the cutting room floor. In "Return of Callisto", Gabrielle marries Perdicas and they have their wedding night. So the original disclaimer was, `The producers would like to thank Gabrielle`s virginity for the role it has played in our series. It will sorely be missed.` No one knows exactly what happened, but somehow the studio got told about it and they told them that they had to change it. She`ll always be a little sad about not being able to use it.

    • Liz Friedman was the one who was responsible for the introduction of the funny disclaimers on most of the episodes of Hercules and Xena. Liz and coordinating producer Bernadette Joyce did most of them.

    • Liz's favorite movie is Patton, very closely followed by The Silence of the Lambs.

    • Liz was spoofed in the two Hercules episodes "Yes Virginia, There Is a Hercules" and "For Those of You Just Joining Us". Liz actually disliked the way she was portrayed, but she thought it was great that "she" looked like Hudson Leick.

  • Quotes

    • Liz: (when asked her opinion on fan fiction) I think it's great stuff because what we're doing is inspiring people to write.

    • Liz: (when asked whether she prefers comedies or dramas) I prefer the darker ones. I like comedy a lot and I do love to laugh but I love dramatic story telling. I love a good story and a good twist. I think we`ve done some great comedies but by the time these things are done I`ve watched them four or five times and sometimes those laughs get a little thin, after about the fifth viewing.

    • Liz: The thrill about Xena is getting to make Wonder Woman for the 90s. That was always my favorite show when I was a kid except that I thought Wonder Woman cared too much about breaking her nails. Xena doesn't give a shit.

    • Liz: Xena works as a straight ahead tits-and-ass action show for lack of a more intellectual term. It`s an action show but the lead is first of all a woman and second of all a woman who never apologizes for being strong. It features two women who have a very intense relationship, who do not spend all of their time talking about either their sanitary protection or their boyfriends. In this way it ends up being, compared to what is typically on television, I think, fairly subversive. I don`t think we could get away with all that if it weren`t working on the fact that it is entertaining.