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  • One very sexy angel!

    My first experience with Liz Phair came in 2003 when I saw the video "Why Can't I" on VH-1 and since that day I fell head over heels in love with the singer. Watching her on television is very heaven sent. I can't stop watching this indie rock godesss. I even wrote her a letter. I may be the one that say it, but I'm her number one fan and I got a big of a heart to admit my love for her. She's one of my favorite singers and she is very sexy to the core! My heart belongs to Liz Phair.
  • Proberly the best artist of the 80\'s, 90\'s and Today!

    I haven\'t been a Liz \'Phan\' for long, but I know great music when I hear it! I first heard her during an episode of Charmed, but I didn\'t take any notice. I heard her a second time in \'It\'s A Bad Bad Bad Bad World (Part 1)\' and then I knew I loved her. Although all her music does not appeal to me, almost 98% of it does, but I am a definate \'New Liz\' listener, I only have her self-titled album and Somebodys Miracle as well as the recently bought Whitechocolatespaceegg, but I am hoping to complete my shelf with all her music. I already have the downloaded E.P: Comeandgetit which I cannot stop listening to! Despite her bad and rebelious reputation, I wish I had children like her, talented, sucsessful and extremley admirable. I have been a Liz \'Phan\' for about 2 or 3 years, but I wouldn\'t change my Liz experience for a second!
  • yeah! ya heard meh! talented!

    she's such a neat singer and a awesome person! I wish I could meet her. she looks like a totally cool person! doesn't she? I have sevral of her CDs and I love em all! espacailly "why can't I" well, not much to say anymore but she's cool! major cool!