Liza Goddard

Liza Goddard


1/20/1950, Smethwick, Sandwell, England, UK

Birth Name

Louise Elizabeth Goddard


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Liza Goddard is an veteran English actress that has starred in many TV shows in the UK. Her family moved from England to Australia when she was 15 at the age of 29 starred in children's series Skippy. Liza later moved back to England and starred in another…more


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  • For me she is a very original person with a unique openess and natural attitude. I think she would have been able to be a much greater star, but the nessesary portion of luck was missing. Probably she didn't want to be a bigger star!moreless

    I knew her, when she was 19, traveling from Australia back to England. From Skippy to the big theater, TV-productions and the whole movie industry. For a young, lovely and natural girl coming from Australia, it must have been very difficult to find the right and successfull start into the movie - industry. I think she managed it quite well, eaven if the price was quite high and I am convinced, that she should have become a much bigger star. She is a wonderfull person, a beautyfull natural "Country-Lady", and I think much more people should realize that she is in some sense a unique and admirable big star.moreless