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  • In my eyes, Liza Minnelli is the greatest entertainer alive!

    Liza Minnelli is the greatest entertainers there ever was or will be. Just like Judy Garland herself. Both in my eyes should have been/should be treated a lot better! they should get the care, respect and thanks they truly deserve for all the hard work they\'ve done throughout the years. Thank you Liza! x
  • Amazing, she is just amazing.

    What an outstanding singer! She is one of the most interesting and unique characters I have ever had the great fortune of watching. The way she talks to the way she sings is so different and so mysterious. Her performance in the 1972 movie "Cabaret" was outstanding. She definetely deserved better roles and movie offers than what she got. "Cabaret", unfortuately was the only movie that she made that was actually successful. The upside was she had thriving singing career. With a voice similiar to that of her mother, Judy Garland, she sounded quite amazing and had a loud and unique way of performing.