Liza Snyder

Liza Snyder


3/20/1968, Northampton, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

Liza Snyder



Also Known As

Liza J. Snyder, Liza Snyder
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Liza studied acting at New York City's Neighborhood Playhouse under the guidance of the famous coach Sanford Meisner. Snyder's maternal grandmother was an actress/consumer reporter Betty Furness. She has appeared in theatrical films such as Pay It Forward, She is well for the role of Christine Hughes on…more


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    • Liza: (on her character on the show 'Jesse') A role like this is great fun to play, because Linda always spoke her mind, which at times could be very annoying to Jesse. But I loved the fact that Linda always told the truth, which in the end is the best kind of friend to have.

    • Liza: The original season of Sirens on ABC was a tremendous experience for me. It was my first job as a series regular, and it was a great honor to work with such talented actors. The characters were well defined and well written, which made the show very challenging, but extremely rewarding. Doing an hour long drama is such a different experience from a half hour sitcom. Without the instant gratification of a live audience, you have to trust more in your instincts as an actor, and just hope that you have done a scene justice.

    • Liza: (on CBS's support of 'Yes, Dear') I really feel like we have a network that believes in the show and is behind the show and will support the show. That's what a sitcom needs these days to survive before the Tribal Council speaks.

  • Funny.

    Good actress. Loved on "Yes Dear".
  • Liza You are not only an incredible Actor, You are beautiful. The world love Liza. I do hope we see mor of you in the future. Actually, I'd like to see more of you now, LoL! If you ever find yourself looking for another Jimmy, I'm here Darling.moreless

    Liza, What are you working on now. I must sat you are every mans dream. You are so beautiful and talented. If you are looking for a good looking , sweet Guy to sweep you off your feet then write me. Lol! I look forward to seeing you in more shows. Good luck sweet heart. Yes Dear was so hilarius, who ever pulled it has rocks for brains. Now we are stuck with crap like South Park and 3 different CSI shows. They all get pretty redundant. If you have more photos I would love to see them. You are very admired lady.moreless