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  • Liza You are not only an incredible Actor, You are beautiful. The world love Liza. I do hope we see mor of you in the future. Actually, I'd like to see more of you now, LoL! If you ever find yourself looking for another Jimmy, I'm here Darling.

    Liza, What are you working on now. I must sat you are every mans dream. You are so beautiful and talented. If you are looking for a good looking , sweet Guy to sweep you off your feet then write me. Lol! I look forward to seeing you in more shows. Good luck sweet heart. Yes Dear was so hilarius, who ever pulled it has rocks for brains. Now we are stuck with crap like South Park and 3 different CSI shows. They all get pretty redundant. If you have more photos I would love to see them. You are very admired lady.