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    • Liza: (on her character on the show 'Jesse') A role like this is great fun to play, because Linda always spoke her mind, which at times could be very annoying to Jesse. But I loved the fact that Linda always told the truth, which in the end is the best kind of friend to have.

    • Liza: The original season of Sirens on ABC was a tremendous experience for me. It was my first job as a series regular, and it was a great honor to work with such talented actors. The characters were well defined and well written, which made the show very challenging, but extremely rewarding. Doing an hour long drama is such a different experience from a half hour sitcom. Without the instant gratification of a live audience, you have to trust more in your instincts as an actor, and just hope that you have done a scene justice.

    • Liza: (on CBS's support of 'Yes, Dear') I really feel like we have a network that believes in the show and is behind the show and will support the show. That's what a sitcom needs these days to survive before the Tribal Council speaks.