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  • Not my Favorite Charcter on Gilmore Girls but is a good actress.

    i dont really know what to say.

    um.... lets seeee.....( im not obsed with her like ai am Lauren and Alexis)

    Is a good actress. She plays the mean part very well...has very pretty eyes.. .

    i know this isn't a tradtional review but ....yeah

    GO LIZA!!!
    If your out on the rode
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    I don't know if it is because I love the character Paris Gellar on Gilmore Girls, or because Liza is such a great actress.... but you have to have talent to portray an extreme character like Paris. Anal retentive, controlling, and power hungry Paris reminds me a lot of ME. That's why I love Gilmore so much, so many different characters that add so many dimensions to the show.
  • I love her role in gilmore girls. She is orignal in a amizing way. She is one of the most fast speaking person, and she do it very well

    Liza is really and amazing actress and she have so much personality. It is fantastic that her celebrity did not have drive her crazy..The role she play in Giilmore girls is a inportent person for the hole show. She is one of the character who give the show and amazing story. And thats one of the reasent why the gilmore show is such big a success
  • Liza Weil has a great sense of humor, has a great personalitiy, and is perfectfor her role in Gilmore Girls.

    In her role in Gilmore Girls Liza plays corky, funny, serious, strange character Paris. She always tries to help anyone who she thinks she needs to help. She acts serious and is supposed to be Rory's competotor in school, so Rory can keep acheiving. They become best friends and chat about everything. She has 2 sides when speaking with Rory, at the newspaper its serious and as friends they talk about boys, school, and anything else on their mind. Rory and Paris have been through a lot. Whether its dealing with boy problems, being roomates, dealing with school, or just dealing Paris is always there for Rory.
  • Liza Weil is very talented.

    I have watched Liza on her role in the show "Gilmore Girls" and she plays the lines very well. Not only does she really try to nail the lines she's given, she does them with the exact way that they should be done. It's very entertaining to watch her on the show, and I enjoy this actress very much. She's talented, and comes from a family that seems to support her with her acting career. I have to say, Liza Weil is fun to watch, and she should be in more shows and/or movies.
  • Wow! She is really talented

    Liza as Paris on GG is an act of brillnce. She always makes me laugh and she gives her charcter such depth. She acts perfectly showing Paris\'s bossy and brainy exterior and nervous and kind inside. If GG ever does end ( please pray to god it dosen\'t) she will go on to be a superstar. She has true talent and makes charcters real. She is sometimes a little boring but this is outshined by everthing out! Congrats Liza for being so great!!!!! I think she rocks! Her chemistry with all the charcters is so great especilly with Lorelia!
  • Played Paris on the hit show Gilmore Girls.

    Liza Weil played Paris, Alexis (Rory's) best friend on the show, (well besides Lane) on the hit show Gilmore Girls. Lisa played Paris's part very, very, very well. She was serious when she had to be and then was very funny when she had to be also. She did an excellent job with the role and is a person that you can look up to. She is one of my favorite actresses from the show.
  • A wonderful actress.

    I first seen Liza Weil in the show Gilmore Girls and i thought that she was wonderful in the show as Paris Geller. She made you believe that she was really like Paris and that. She did a great job with that role. It is hard for me to see in a non agressive role because of her part on Gilmore Girls. I seen Liza Weil in a brief part in the West Wing which is another role that she did a wonderful job with. It just seemed a little weird to see her as a different person and a different show but I hope to see her in shows in the future.