Lizzie Grubman






Birth Name

Elizabeth Grubman



For the past nine years, Lizzie Grubman's public relations firm has showcased Lizzie's unique brand of high-energy personality, charisma and image. With a background that spans the range from nightclub promotions (beginning in her college years), non-profit work, and public relations, Lizzie has created a niche for herself and her company that is founded on her ability to set and seek trends, combined with an acute sense of how to communicate them.

At Northeastern University, Lizzie's effortlessly gregarious nature made her a hot commodity among the Boston nightlife entrepreneurs. A pied piper among her peers, Lizzie, had the ability to create a scene based on the strength of her personality. Such characteristics translated perfectly into the public relations industry, and she soon found herself a PR associate at VH-1, dealing with the demands of artist relations. Her strong work ethic and unflappability made an impression on talent and executives alike, but she soon needed a new challenge. In 1994, she became the Director of Public Relations at the non-profit, Lincoln Center-based Big Apple Circus, where her out-of-the-box thinking was a world away from the built-in allure of A-list celebrities at the music network.

After a stint at the PR firm of Nadine Johnson Associates, where she served as executive over image-oriented accounts as varied as the stylish Elle Décor magazine, the legendary Soho nightspot Spy Bar, and the international Ford Supermodel of the World Competition, Lizzie decided to hang her shingle on the door and start her own PR firm.

Headquartered in New York City, Lizzie Grubman Public Relations has become one of the recognized and sought-after names in the industry. The summer of 2003 saw Lizzie branch out as Entertainment Reporter for 102.7 Blink, showcasing her in-the-know gossip about the happenings and who's-who in the Hamptons. Her career as a freelance entertainment reporter soon branched out to television, where she has appeared on many shows on such networks as CNN and Fox News.

Lizzie lives in the Upper East Side with her two Yorkies, Peanut and Crunch.

- MTV Official Biography