Lizzy Caplan

Lizzy Caplan


6/30/1982, Los Angeles, California

Birth Name

Elizabeth Caplan



Also Known As

Lizzy Caplan
  • Lizzy Caplan stars as Casey in Party Down.
  • Lizzy Caplan stars as Casey in Party Down.
  • Lizzy Caplan stars as Casey in Party Down.
  • Lizzy Caplan stars as Casey, Adam Scott ...
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Elizabeth Caplan also known as Lizzy Caplan was born on June 30, 1982 in Los Angeles, CA. She is an actress who, in just a short time, has appeared in numerous critically acclaimed television series.

Most recently, Caplan was the lead in the cable telefilm Everybody's Doing It,…more


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    • Lizzy: (while shooting the cover of "USA Weekend") It's weird, It's really weird to be called 'a breakout star'. And some people are referring to my show as the new Friends, which I can't really even wrap my head around.

    • Lizzy: (about what she likes to do more between TV shows and films) One for the soul, one for the dough... Eventually I'll probably want to do just films, but I'm so not at that point at all, and there's so much to learn from just working on one thing for so long and with the same people... I think it will teach me endurance, and it's great. I'm not done with TV yet at all.

    • Lizzy: (about her roles before "Related") One is called Love is the Drug, about the drug scene, like a contemporary Less Than Zero -- lots of cocaine and bad news, then I did a small independent called Crashing with Campbell Scott. It's a sequel to a movie that won Sundance 20 years ago. It's a really cerebral script.

    • Lizzy: (about her Jewish culture) I had a bat mitzvah, was confirmed, went to Jewish summer camp, I go to temple for the High Holy Days. I think, like most people in their early 20s, I kind of strayed away from it. I think once I have a family I'll be back into it.

    • Lizzy: (when asked if she keeps in touch with her 'sisters' from "Related") I do, with all of them, actually. We kind of became sisters on that show, so now we're stuck with each other!... Jennifer (Esposito) just came back to L.A., so she, Laura (Breckenridge) and I are all meeting Kiele (Sanchez) for dinner.

    • Lizzy: (about the different characters that she has played and how they are like her actual self) I try to bring elements of my own personality to every character I've played, but I think I'm pretty similar to the character I'm playing now (on the series The Class). The biggest departure would have to have been Freaks and Geeks' Sara, who was this sort of subordinate and shy girl.

    • Lizzy: (when asked about her relationship with the cast of "The Class") Everybody hangs out with everybody, which is very strange for a cast this large and this young. We're all cool and down to earth and not caught up in this maniacal business at all... Everybody really, really likes everybody else. I went to New York over hiatus and Lucy Punch (Holly) and Heather Goldenhersh (Lina) was there and we hung out a lot, and after tape nights we go out together with all our friends... Nobody is ever alone in their dressing room, they're always in someone else's room or outside hanging out. It's a really, really close-knit group.

    • Lizzy: (about the role of Marjee Sorelli on WB's "Related): She's just fun. I almost never get to play the one who has the good clothes and lots of boyfriends and is crazy and wild.

    • Lizzy: (on working with Peter Falk in a TV movie) We didn't have too much contact. He's got a pretty groovy glass eye, though. I couldn't take my attention off of that. I wish he'd popped it out. If I had a glass eye, I'd always do that -- pop it out and put it in my mouth. Throw it at people. Why not?

    • Lizzy: (on whether she based her "The Cla$s" character on any sitcom actress or anyone else) There are definite aspects of my personality that are in the character, though the negativity and sarcasm is obviously brought out a lot more. But as far as basing it on other sitcom actresses, not really. I try to do little homages to different people, but I don't know if anybody picks up on that. (Laughs)

    • Lizzy: (on whether the YouTube video sent to her was about 'someone doing something with an animal') No, it's none of that. It's this weird child or little person kind of break-dancing in India or something.... It's very strange -- but quite entertaining.

  • Pure

    I think Lizzie's got a rare quality that makes television just the place for her, she can appease, woo, piss, drag and make the audience grip her every move and motion. To do that takes talent and just not any talent, unique, original and somewhar mad talent. She also does it with so much ease (or so it seems) and basically blends with the auduence it almost seems there is no element of acting in it. That to me is absolute pure skill and she's got me anytime she appears before tube. Bottomline show or movie with her, am watching!moreless
  • Lizzy Caplan's acting in Mean Girls (amazing.)

    Lizzy Caplan is awesome, I think she was DEFINITELY the best in Mean Girls as Janice Ian. When she was playing Janice Ian, she was perfect...the attitude that she made for the character was awesome, and she made Janice my favorite character from Mean Girls. >_> This review is more about her in Mean Girls rather than the other shows she is in, but anyway...her acting was just amazing... (again, more about Mean Girls and her acting in it.) Well, I just love her in Mean Girls out of all the shows she is in. I personally think she looks better with the black hair that she wore in Mean Girls. heh.moreless