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  • Pure

    I think Lizzie's got a rare quality that makes television just the place for her, she can appease, woo, piss, drag and make the audience grip her every move and motion. To do that takes talent and just not any talent, unique, original and somewhar mad talent. She also does it with so much ease (or so it seems) and basically blends with the auduence it almost seems there is no element of acting in it. That to me is absolute pure skill and she's got me anytime she appears before tube. Bottomline show or movie with her, am watching!
  • Lizzy Caplan's acting in Mean Girls (amazing.)

    Lizzy Caplan is awesome, I think she was DEFINITELY the best in Mean Girls as Janice Ian. When she was playing Janice Ian, she was perfect...the attitude that she made for the character was awesome, and she made Janice my favorite character from Mean Girls. >_> This review is more about her in Mean Girls rather than the other shows she is in, but anyway...her acting was just amazing... (again, more about Mean Girls and her acting in it.) Well, I just love her in Mean Girls out of all the shows she is in. I personally think she looks better with the black hair that she wore in Mean Girls. heh.
  • Only Class member that got class.

    Up until a month ago, I didn't know anything about Lizzy Caplan. Until now. I have watched "the Class" for the past month and I didn't care much for the series, but every time Lizzy Caplan is on the screen, I can't take my eyes off her. she Gorgeous and I'm in love with her. Every week, I watch "the Class." I don't have much to go on. but I get get planty out of Caplan. she the only Class member thyat's got class. She's 100% above the rest of the cast. I can't wait to see another episode of "the Class," so I can 1) review the episode for 2) Watching Lizzy shine.
  • Lizzy's got the "it" factor.

    Lizzy Caplan, known to many as Janis Ian in "Mean Girls," is a phenomenal talent. When I watch an acting performance, I look for one thing: sincerity. How true, how organic, how real is this character, and how much of that is due to the actor?

    It's not often one actor/actress is able to bring so many differing personalities to life in such vivid form. She's a natural performer. And with a distinct look for every role, Lizzy has proven to be a scene stealer. Lizzy has mastered both comedy and drama, and it is clear she gives 110% to every role. She's an admirable, versatile talent and someone to look out for. This girl deserves to be a star.
  • Lizzy Caplan rocks! Especially with blonde hair!

    I loved Lizzy as Margee on Related, she was hysterical, and who knew she was in Mean Girls? Lizzy Caplan is so hilarious and unique. Her humorous acting is just normal comedy it's a funky kind of bizarre, everyday humor. She says what I always want to say, screams at the top of her lungs, and acts just as she wants, not thinking about any body else, and I love that kind of sillyness. Plus she is absolutely gorgeous, especially with blonde hair... I don't like her so much with brown hair. I don't like her all emo though, like she is in the Class, but I'm sure she'll be great any way!
  • Lizzy Caplan is such a rebel.

    Lizzy Caplan is such a rebel. By the way she dresses and the color of her hair, when you look at her, all you think is rebel, rebel, rebel. Lizzy is a wonderful actress because it is really tough to play someone you have nothing in common with. But she did it. I respect her for that.
  • Lizzy Caplan... best known for her role as Janis Ian in "Mean Girls" and right now was Marjee Sorelli on The WB's "Related".

    Lizzy Caplan first caught my attention on the teen movie "Mean Girls" as the "lesbian" Janis Ian- she was sooo funny in that movie I loved the part when she was diving into those girls and her friendship with Damian and Cady- FUNNY as HELL! lol.

    Her role on "Related" right now is great too. I love her look on the show- it's gorgeous and far off from the image she portrayed in "Mean Girls". She is my favorite character on the show, next to Laura Breckenridge's Rose.

    If "Related" gets cancelled this season I will be disappointed. If it gets cancelled I hope The WB gives her another show or I hope she stars in another movie.

    Star Grade- B+.