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  • Great person.

    Good actor (Sucks in NCIS:LA). Handsome. Great rapper.
  • Great actor!

    He really took me by surprise during his consistency of hardcore, serious, but witty, and extra hardworking roleplaying in NCIS. He was made for the show. He has come a long way in the acting world... honestly. I love how he handles his business while making you laugh on the show... he comes off as a fearless character and that is awesome!
  • A suprisingly good actor....

    After watching his show, In The House (a comedy) and SWAT( a movie action/adventure), I'm impressed by his acting. At first glance I thought he was another rapper who had no acting skills what so ever but wanted to make it big in the acting industry.
    LL Cool J is sometimes actually funny (IN The House) but in my opinion he sometimes doesn't show much expression. It looks as though he doesn't understand some of the jokes and therefore can't express them in the right manner. This is only sometimes though, most of the time he manages to express himself well.
    In SWAT he played a cop. In this movie he acted as if he were the cop (which is a good thing). His acting in SWAT was perfectly acceptable although it obviously didn't match up to the greater actors like Samuel L. Jackson (one of my favourite actors) or Tom Cruise.
    Overall LL Cool J has a lot of potenial which I hope he fulfills
  • One of the best at what he does, rapping, acting, whatever you ask him to do he will be best at it and he is handsome to top it off.

    Great rapper, actor, LL has a all around talent and I love the work he does and can't wait to see the new movie...SLOW BURN. He a great talent, I really don't like that he will be paired up with 50 cent someone who I feel is way beneath the talent LL has but since LL thought it was a great idea then there's nothing I can do, all I can do is tell ya'll that he is good at being an actor and rapper and I enjoy the work he has done and I love to see him in his upcoming projects.
  • The best old school rapper and is still going strong!

    Well, I am a late 90's baby. I wasn't introduced to all the old rap, and not I'm so happy I did. But once I saw this man, I went speechless. I mean, he's handsome, and his songs are beautiful. And some of them have me dancing. It is unbelieveable that this man started out with this rapping career at age 17 almost 20 years ago and is still going strong. In my book, LL Cool J is one of the best rappers around. I like almost all his songs and I bet when he's 90, he'll still be making songs!
  • He is great!

    He is so good in NCIS:LA! I love his character and he plays it very well! He is not just a great rapper but a very good actor as well. I cannot understand why people don't vote 10 for him?! I think he is the perfect actor for this role and transforms into his role well. LL Cool J makes it belivable. Also, he has a great chemistry with Chis O'Donell. I love his personality and think he is an essential part of the show. I find the sense of humor he brings to the set enjoyable and cool. You go LL Cool J!!
  • Awesome

    LLCoolJ is a great actor and a well rounded entertainer. As a musician/rapper with lots of television roles, including his own sit-com, and movie acting successes, he has shown his versatility. He has proven himself as a bonafide actor time and time again, showing that he is more than just the rapper that some tend to label him as. He also proves that here by holding his own in prime time with seasoned actors. He is the reason I watch NCIS Los Angeles. LL is a big draw for this show. The fact that he has twice the reviews as most of the other actors lends itself to that.