Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Banks


4/30/1982, Queens, New York

Birth Name

Christopher Lloyd



Also Known As

Banks The Boy Winder, Banks, Blue Hefner, Mr Quiet
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Lloyd Banks is unsatisfied. Unsatisfied, despite having an incredibly successful 2003. A 2003 where he was crowned the street's number one artist, appeared on the year's top-selling record, and sold another two million-plus copies of an album with his own rap troupe. Lloyd Banks is so unsatisfied he's…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • 50 Cent confirmed that for Bank's third album there will be a track featuring Jay Z and Nas.

    • As of April 2007 his sophomore album Rotten Apple has been certified Gold for shipments of 500,000 copies.

    • His song "Just Another Day" which is featured on the Deluxe CD And DVD version of his first album "Hunger For More" intorpolates Queen Latifah's song of the same name.

    • His album "Hunger For More" has 3 US releases
      1. Edited
      2. Explicit
      3. Explicit Deluxe CD and DVD pack.
      His CD and DVD version of the album contains a bonus Track, "Just Another Day".

    • His original second album which was entitled "The Big Withdraw", was stolen from his house by a girl and leaked onto the internet so he did an entire new album which became the Rotten Apple

    • His favorite song off of his sophomore album Rotten Apple is "The Cake".

    • He claims he never had an official girlfriend.

    • Most of his second album was recorded in his home studio located in South Side Jamaica Queens.

    • Banks is sometimes referred to as the punchline king due to his incredible talent of using clever metaphors in his rhymes.

    • The first single for "Rotten Apple" was originally a track names My House produced by Timberland, due to lack of radio play it was later changed to Hands up produced by Eminem and My House was tooken off the album's final cutts and sold to the motion picture "Little Man".

    • In 2005 Banks and fellow G-unit member Young Buck were arrested for gun charges, but on November 8th, 2006 the charges were dropped.

    • After its fifth week sale his sophomore album "Rotten Apple" has sold 290,000 copies which is a major decrease compared to 2004's Hunger For More's sales.

    • Banks is very proud to be a New York, Queens native as mentioned in much of his music.

    • His favorite color is blue and also green.

    • He is half of the African American Descent and half Puerto Rican.

    • The second single released from his sophomore album Rotten Apple is "Help" featuring. Keri Hilson.

    • His father past away in November of 2006.

    • He has the NYC skyline tattooed on his back.

    • The title of his sophomore album "Rotten Apple" is a play on New York City "The Big Apple".

    • He was named 2003 mixtape artist of the year.

    • Lloyd Banks's sophomore album Rotten Apple debuted on the Billboard top 200 chart at #3 with 144,000 copies sold first week.

    • Before the name Rotten Apple, Lloyd Banks's sophmore album was titled "The Blue Hephner, and "The Big Withdrawl".

    • Joined G-unit at the age of 17

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      Young Buck - "Let Me In"
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      The Game - "Hate It Or Love It"
      Joe - "Ride With You"
      Eminem - "Mosh" (Cartoon)

    • Discography:
      The Hunger for More (June 29,2004)
      Rotten Apple (October 10,2006)

    • Lloyd Banks Is Part Of The Group G-Unit Along Side: 50 cent & Tony Yayo.

  • Quotes

    • Lloyd Banks:I wasn't happy about the way the music was received and I was dealing with a lot. That had me a little disgusted about the [rap] game.